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LookupPoint™ connects users to business information through Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Word, and Excel. A user can select a business item in any email, document or spread sheet and LookupPoint will display the business information associated with that item quickly and directly without the user having to leave the Microsoft Office environment.

For example, if a user receives an email referencing an item in a line of business system, say an invoice number, and decides they require the business information associated with that invoice they would normally have to log in to their line of business system to get it – a tedious and time-consuming process. With LookupPoint and Microsoft Office they select the invoice number and LookupPoint returns the information almost instantly.

Using the LookupPoint configuration tool, IT administrators and power users can build catalogues which link LookupPoint to their particular line of business systems; pre-configured catalogues for many systems are also available from Spanish Point and our business partners .

LookupPoint is a great example of a Microsoft Office Business Application (OBA). By leveraging new features of Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010 LookupPoint provides a compelling platform to integrate line of business information directly into Microsoft Office applications.”
- Denis Condon IW Team Microsoft Ireland

For the Business Decision Maker:

• Access line of business information from within Outlook, Word and Excel.
• Improve the speed and quality of decision making.
• Drill down and navigate to additional information if required.
• Reduce business user training in complex line of business systems.
• Improve compliance by ensuring access to relevant information.

For the Technical Decision Maker

• LookupPoint is installed on a Windows Server.
• LookupPoint requires no client software installation .
• Users are provided with access to LookupPoint through a configuration script or by using the configuration option in Microsoft Office 2010.
• Integrated with Active Directory for security and control.
• Works with Microsoft 2010 Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
• LookupPoint is available for Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007.

See case study of LookupPoint on Microsoft Showcase here.


Why LookupPoint

“The whole thrust of LookupPoint is that it makes information available to people through the tools they already use and spend most of their time with, which is Microsoft Office.”
- Liam Butler, CIO Pobal

Use LookupPoint™ to display business information in Microsoft Outlook

• Agresso
• Oracle
• Microsoft SQL Server
• SharePoint
• Rest or Web Services

To arrange a demonstration of LookupPoint please contact us :

Phone​: +353 1 652 2000


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