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Irish Defence Forces



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Custom-built IKON System

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SharePoint, SQL Server

The military of Ireland, known as the Defence Forces, encompass the Army, Air Corps, Naval Service and Reserve Defense Forces. The organization has a long history of involvement in United Nations peacekeeping operations. Some of their other major roles include providing assistance for the Garda Síochána, preparation for the defence of the state against armed attack and engagement in crisis management and humanitarian relief.

The Challenge

In 2008, Irish Defence Forces began its multi-phase project to address information and knowledge management in the organisation. The main component of this project was the implementation of an online system which would connect users across the organisation with ease and also provide Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRMS) capability.

“With the multiple divisions that exist within the Defence Forces, the multiple documents which they possess, and the multiple locations in which members are situated in, it was clear to see the requirement of the organisation. The Microsoft SharePoint and SQL server solution will enable the Defence Forces to improve work efficiencies. Our expertise in the software world in particular, with Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, continuously allows us to meet the necessities of our customers, much like that of the Defence Forces.”

John Corley


“A huge amount of research and time went into this IKON project. This represents a major step forward for the Defence Forces; it will enable both improved communication for our personnel at home and overseas, and improved access to information which will enable better decision-making in a shorter timeframe, bringing about significant cost, and sometimes life-saving efficiencies.”

Rear Admiral Mark Mellet,


The Solution

Our solution enables members of the Defence Forces to communicate effectively from any DF location, and share information on a single unified platform. It considerably increases productivity and delivers significant cost-savings by improving the access to timely information and therefore improving the decision-making capabilities of key personnel within the organisation.

Key Benefits

Internationally Recognised Academic and Empirical Research

Intuitive Search

Full Electronic Document and Records Management

Significant Return on Investment (RoI) and cost saving efficiencies

Knowledge Sharing and Discovery

Full Enterprise Social

Full build and successful roll-out to 9,500 personnel in one year

Full Change Management Programme