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Microsoft Discover: Containers and DevOps Workshop

Wed, 29th January

Location: Microsoft; One Microsoft Place, South County Business Park, D18

Duration: 8.30am - 4.30pm

Participate, take action and practice the DevOps and database migrations in Azure. This will be a practical session in which attendees will build a proof of concept migration to a container environment managed with DevOps practices and database migration to Azure. Azure DevOps, Azure Kubernetes Service, Docker containers on Linux and the migration from MongoDB to CosmosDB will be used.

Why attend this Workshop

Benefit from the cross-functional approach and a model that combines two distinct part of the software development process – development and operations. It is more a mindset than anything else. It is about tight collaboration, being on the same page and delivering to the common goal.

Skills required:

  • Experience in GIT.
  • Experience in Docker (dockerfile, docker compose).
  • Basics of Kubernetes

Each attendee must come up with:

  • An account already created in Azure DevOps
  • A trial account in Azure (we will provide the credit for the session).
  • Laptop with the following software installed:
    • If it’s Windows with Ubuntu WSL.
    • If it’s Mac or Linux, a bash terminal is sufficient.

This is a hands on lab – please bring your own Laptop


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