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Webinar: Microsoft is investing in Intelligent Customer Insights for Dynamics 365, What does this mean for you?​

Wed, 26th May

Location: Online

Duration: 10:00am - 10:45am

Customer Insights offers a way to create a Customer Data Platform (CDP) using the power of Artificial Intelligence.​

Microsoft is leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver customer insights as a way to create a customer data platform. This webinar will look at the impact this will have for both existing and new Microsoft Dynamics customers.​

Customer data platforms do more than sort and file information. They also scrub the data to create a clean and unified record and make that data available to marketing teams and any other stakeholders that could benefit.​

While the typical customer relationship management (CRM) platform can help surface some customer data, they typically only deliver limited, specific details, such as a customer’s name, address, or basic purchase history. To add or process additional types of data, you need to integrate sources across multiple departments and multiple data sources including third-party applications.​

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is an intuitive and flexible customer data platform (CDP) to unlock insights and power personalized customer experiences. Join this webinar and learn how with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights you can optimize your customer journey by: ​

  • Getting a holistic view of your customers with digital and cross-channel analytics.​
  • Unlocking insights with AI-driven recommendations or define your own.​
  • Personalizing campaigns and engagement to acquire high-value customers​

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