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Data Storage and App Modernization with Microsoft Azure

by Spanish Point - Feb 17, 2022
Data Storage and App Modernization with Microsoft Azure

There has never been a time in history where data storage and application modernization have been more important when running a company. Whilst technological advances are made across a vast array of different types of technologies, unfortunately so are in criminal technologies such as hacking, cyber theft and fraud. This blog will outline why Microsoft Azure is the perfect platform for your business to store your data and modernize your applications.

When it comes to safety and security of data, Microsoft Azure understands. With enterprise grade infrastructure, you can rest easy knowing your data is being stored on high-end, premium systems. Microsoft Azure also utilizes a 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) on its systems. This is one of the most powerful block ciphers on the market, which ensures that every single piece of data you put on Azure is encrypted, end-to-end, allowing your data to be safe and secure.

Furthermore, all information that is uploaded to Azure is yours. Unlike the majority of major tech companies, the data uploaded to Azure is private. Microsoft will not sell this data, will not mine this data and will not manipulate or exploit this data in anyway. This will allow you peace of mind and sense of privacy knowing that the potentially sensitive and private data uploaded onto Azure is yours and yours only.

But what are the advantages of Azure? There are a plethora of other reasons as to why Microsoft Azure can be hugely advantageous to your business when storing data and modernizing your applications. Creating an application using traditional methods can be extremely costly to your business. The servers, storage, dedicated networks, developers, application security, the list goes on! Not to mention the tremendous amount of time it takes to acquire all of these things and the extreme financial risk and necessary maintenance that comes with running a business this way. Microsoft Azure cuts the unnecessary noise and allows these tasks to be done end-to-end using their software. This means far less financial risk, better time efficiency and much more secure storage and reliability for your business.

Azure can be intimidating and overwhelming for those who haven’t used this type of technology before. But what if you are experienced with Azure, you understand the basics but want it delegated even further? That’s where Spanish Point come in to further demystify and simplify the process of using Azure for data storage and application modernization with SMART AIM. SMART AIM is Spanish Point’s end-to-end solution for optimising your journey with Azure. Whether that be through cost optimisation, security reviews, custom development or more specific areas you wish to address. SMART AIM allows experienced professionals at Spanish Point to help optimise your solution and to ensure they are to the highest standard possible. Our wide array of templates will help disentangle your businesses processes using Azure and further increase business efficiency.

But why us?

Aside from being a certified Gold Microsoft Partner, winning Microsoft Country Partner Of the Year 2019 and being one of the only 40 Microsoft Partners around the world to be given the Azure Expert MSP certification, our dedicated Azure experts with extensive and above industry-standard experience will answer any questions or queries you have about Azure.  Rest assured, when it comes to Microsoft Azure expertise, there is no company quite like Spanish Point.