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Increase transparency and give your members a better service

Bring Together Member Management, Engagement, and Self-service on One Platform.

One place to manage and engage with your clients and grow your business. Spanish Point has over 15 years of experience in developing solutions for membership management software that increase scalability, flexibility and security for you and your members.

We have built a modern membership management and database software that includes a wealth of out of the box features to automate and streamline the membership management function within an organisation. You can generate a digital marketing campaign that promotes your services or provides interactive self-service-based members portals that let your members have a better experience and more transparency.

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SMART Membership Management by Spanish Point

Spanish Point designed and build SMART Membership Management solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. With these features, member-based organisations, such gyms, clubs, non-profits organisations, professional organisations or anyone that implements a membership model can develop and nurture constituent relationships and achieve their mission through membership management solutions.

Our proven SMART Membership Management template and our design methodology can help you reduce admin costs, save time through automation and earn more by upselling their own self-service portal.

With memberships management solutions, your members can experience:

  • Better service with new automated workflows
  • Their own self-service portal
  • Improved personal and ongoing support

Advantages of a Membership Management System

The objective of an online membership system revolves around the simplification of the day-to-day tasks that enable your organisation to work seamlessly. Some benefits are:

  1. Better customer acquisition and retention by providing a better service and engaging with your existing members. You can have a steady flow of communication or capture prospective clients by understanding the online user journey.
  2. Improve sales and marketing activities. Whether you’re letting your members manage their own add-on services or creating an email marketing strategy with the latest updates, with our SMART Membership System, you can help your sales and marketing team to collaborate better and set apart from the competition.
  3. Data-driven insights reports. A business intelligence tool that lets you understand your customer’s behavior thanks to Microsoft’s membership CRM.
  4. Guidance in making better business decisions and reducing costs.
  5. Microsoft’s online membership software allows a more unified workflow across different teams.

What's included?

Relationship Management

Attract, renew and manage members. Automate member communications. Track member relationship health and analytics due to our membership tracking program.

Secure and Collaborative Envrionment

Allow your members to sign-up, renew and maintain their own membership details, reducing your administrative burden. Build new or integrate with your existing website thanks to our membership subscription software.

Flexible Platforms

Scalable, multi-lingual and multi-currency. Fully configurable to your specific requirements. Integrated with Office 365 apps such as Outlook, Excel, SharePoint etc.

Mobile App

Manage your members from your mobile device. Provide your members a mobile experience to make it easy for them to engage with you on any device at any time.

Dashboards and Reports

Interactive and detailed reports that can be schedule for your members.

Meetings and Events

Increase event attendance. Create, track and manage all aspects of your events with our online membership management.

Cost Effective

Reduce admin costs with automated workflows and better insights.

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