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Embrace the Digital Transformation

Forward-thinking organisations recognise that digital business needs are accelerating and to compete they need to constantly innovate.

Take action and empower your business users to build and automate new solutions through a collaborative, easy-to-use, low-code application development platform. Thanks to Microsoft intelligence applications with low-code platforms, both IT and business leaders can outpace traditional development schedules to achieve outcomes more rapidly.

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Flexible Solutions facing Business Challenges

Low-code platforms also help your business and developers address the growing need for top-of-the-line internal workflow applications, timesaving automations, better customer experiences, and seamless integrations. Microsoft Business Intelligence can also help your professional developers build apps faster and avoid writing code line by line.

Spanish Point has the expertise to help you choose the right solution for your business. With Microsoft Power Apps, we can help you with tailored business intelligence technologies that empower your teams to easily and rapidly modernize processes, solve tough business challenges, and make your company more agile.

Our Solutions

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Low-Code App Solutions

Pivot and adapt to a rapidly shifting world with our Low-Code Solutions. Low-Code platforms can help your organisation save time, boost productivity and reduce costs.

Businesses must keep pace with consumer and user demands—that includes providing convenient, functional web and mobile apps. Low-code development reduces the traditional app development burden, helping your organisation accelerate digital transformation thanks to custom business software.


Modernise Legacy Systems

We have over 15 years’ experience implementing, managing and improving mission-critical applications for customers across all sectors. From legacy software to custom-built system solutions, we have the Cloud Application Migration expertise to help define a viable path to Cloud for your legacy systems, applications and data should you wish to take this route.

Smart Portals


Portals are websites that are accessible from the outside letting visitors sign in using a variety of identities, generate and view data, or even browse content anonymously. Since Portals are essentially websites, they can be embedded as a website tab in a Microsoft Teams channel.

We use a combination of Microsoft best practices, international research, and our own experience working with clients in a variety of private and public sector organizations to offer a tried-and-true process for designing and implementing portal solutions.

Spanish Point Technologies

Our expertise

Spanish Point can build a business solution tailored to your company, brand & needs, giving you the opportunity to focus on your clients rather than process.

We have a certified team of software developers that using SharePoint or the Microsoft Power Platform, can help you and your team to move faster through collaboration, allowing for delivery of more solutions with greater efficiency, security and compliance.

Spanish Point is a member of the Microsoft partner network with six gold and five silver competencies. Less than 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide have a gold competency. 

2022 App Modernisation And Innovation
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Why choose a Low-Code Development Platform?

Low-code development platforms make businesses boost profitability by allowing their teams to be more productive and agile by delivering:

  • Efficiency. Simultaneously develop apps for multiple platforms and rapidly provide working examples. Benefit from intuitive features like drag-and-drop functionality and user-friendly APIs.
  • Flexibility. With low-code development, citizen developers can create flexible apps that accomplish specific tasks. That flexibility is also critical if your business must scale and extend apps to quickly finish projects.
  • Responsiveness. Sometimes your business must pivot to accommodate roller-coaster market shifts, and how better to do that than with new digital initiatives? With low code, you can quickly deliver and change a full-stack application.
  • Iterability. Your company can also provide customers with a positive experience every time they interact with your brand. Online, this means providing a consistent, frictionless experience, and prebuilt templates and chatbots are a great way to approach this.

Ready to Transform your Business?

Empower your team with our modern business solutions and best practices to create a more fluid work environment, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Our services

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Art of the Possible

When looking for a solution to meet your current and future needs, you must first gather as much information as possible to realise just what those needs are. Our Discovery Workshops can give you clarity on the requirements of of your organisation and will allow you to identify the integration requirements between departments, roles and functions.


Microsoft Trusted Partner

Spanish Point highly recommends an Agile approach to the implementation of our solutions, as this consistently produces a better customer experience and end solution, increased user adoption and a more innovative approach than the more traditional implementation methodologies. Our agile approach is based on the Scrum framework, a concrete set of artefacts, best practices and roles. 

Software development is carried out using an agile approach with a modern CI/CD, continuous integration / continuous deployments. While CI/CD requires an upfront investment during the build phase, for systems expected to have a multi-year lifespan, the pay back is high, and the investment is strongly recommended.

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Our Support Services

Spanish Point offer all our customers 24 x 7 x 365 annual and draw-down support capabilities. Our Support Service is a service level agreement providing for named representatives of the customer to contact the Spanish Point help desk and request assistance.

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Our Support Services

Accelerate Microsoft Technologies On-boarding and User Adoption with our hands-on lab one day Bootcamps.

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Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Environment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps are available in many industries. Spanish Point can help ensure that your CRM software is a good fit for your organisation.

One of the significant advantages of the complete Dynamics 365 landscape is that it is part of the Microsoft ecosystem. This way, all Dynamics 365 apps work seamlessly with your favourite Microsoft 365 applications. It offers endless possibilities! For example; you can work directly from Outlook using Microsoft’s CRM Sales app, create your layouts in Word, update your data with Excel and work together optimally within and outside your company thanks to the Microsoft Teams integration.

Spanish Point’s approach is to maximise the value of your investment and optimise your use of Dynamics 365 to improve business processes thanks to Microsoft’s customer relationship management system