Modern Work

Improve employee productivity & satisfaction, and create more seamless communication and collaboration across locations.

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Empower your team by enabling a Modern Workplace

Advances in technology and shifting workforce demographics are creating a more fluid work environment, redefining what productivity looks like, and empowering individuals to work smarter. With an influx of new talent that values experiences, continued learning, and collaboration over financial compensation, leadership will have to take a forward-looking approach to restructuring the workplace landscape.

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Innovative technologies can help all organisations respond to workplace trends and create dynamic environments that incentivise and empower the next generation of employees.

More than 85% of IT decision makers believe workplace modernisation is important to attracting and retaining the best employees.

Spanish Point Technologies

Modern Workplace & Employee Productivity

Spanish Point builds you that Modern Workplace that will engage your employees and empower them to work from anywhere, often on their own time. But also to use productivity solutions and your IT environment to drive the 4T’s of Teamwork, Transparency, Tangible Impact, and Technology.

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Modern Workplace Solutions

Book A Desk App By Spanish Point

Book a Desk App: Covid-19 Return to Work App

Spanish Point have developed a Desk Booking app, which is designed to help businesses protect their staff as they return to work following the COVID-19 lockdown. The aim of the app is to enable users to book their desk in advance when they want to go to the office. Organisations have a responsibility to keep track of when people are in the office and who they are. The app can track all bookings completed and makes them available in a secure way through Excel.

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Employee Experience

Engaging, Mobile Intranet and Digital Workspace collaboration solution. A pre-built digital workspace that improves employee communication and collaboration, at a fraction of the cost of a traditional built-from-scratch intranet. With the flexibility to be designed with the user in mind and with your corporate brand. All future proofed as based on Microsoft’s new modern framework for SharePoint.

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Content & Collaboration

Spanish Point customers tell us that people are their most important asset. Our customers ask us to build Corporate Intranets and Employee Portals that allow their people to be able to collaborate and innovate seamlessly and securely from anywhere on any device. Spanish Point design and build a SMART Workplace solution that enable organisations to create a sustainable workforce with high levels of talent retention and productivity.

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Remote Working

Today’s workplace is evolving, with companies at every level of industry adopting remote working. These days, employees need to be able to share information instantly wherever they are and at anytime. Spanish Point can help you stay connected with your teams and ensure you can continue working collaboratively and efficiently when working remotely.

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Secure your Workplace

Hybrid or remote working offers compelling longer-term business benefits. From reduced costs and improved productivity to an enhanced employee experience and sustainability. But making it a scalable and sustainable proposition – demands robust, secure workplace foundations.

With privacy, security, and compliance in Microsoft Teams you can have more secure and trustworthy online collaboration and communication.