Solution Assessments

Formulate the next actionable steps for digital transformations, cloud migrations and process improvement.

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Solution Assessment are 100% funded by Microsoft

Solution Assessments are a set of industry-standard best practices that can help you and your IT team to move forward with the next steps of your digital transformation process.

Together with a Spanish Point Senior Consultant and Microsoft Solution Assessment Consultant’s expertise and experience, we can help you formulate the next actionable steps for digital transformations, cloud migrations and process improvement.

Types of Solution Assessment Offerings

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Infrastructure & Database Migration

An Infrastructure and Database Migration Solution Assessment will help you modernize your server and data center environments and prioritize your workloads and applications to transition to the cloud. It will also assess current deployments and determine optimal usage on premises or in the cloud

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Cloud Security

Get a comprehensive look at your company’s security posture by evaluating & addressing immediate vulnerabilities, identifying unmanaged devices, analyzing current software deployment & usage, discussing policies and controls to reduce risk, and delivering remediation recommendations to help establish processes for cyber-risk reduction in the cloud.


Application Modernisation

Identify and prioritise in-house developed applications and/or databases for cloud modernisation. This is the prefect solution assessment for those companies who are looking to move applications to the cloud and need support in understanding which applications to move first and how to increase readiness to migrate and modernise.



Evaluate your current data platform to streamline your platform through an architectural plan, a data optimisation strategy, and an adoption roadmap to drive business insights through Azure Data Services. The Analytics Assessment is ideal for those who are concerned with their current data and analytics, want to understand migration best practices or have difficulty implementing governance structure across siloed data and analytics.

Team Modernworkspace

Modern Workplace

Simplify cloud adoption and reduce risk.

This assessment will provide visibility into desktop and on-premise  environments while helping improve end-user productivity.

Team Businessapplications

Business Applications

Get a comprehensive real-time analysis of your deployed assets to help migrate to Dynamics 365. Identify potential transition blockers, discuss opportunities for improving business processes and end-user productivity, and prioritise which apps and tools to move first.

Spanish Point Technologies

Our Expertise

Every assessment will differ slightly, depending on available information, infrastructure and requirements.  We will work with you through each phase of the engagement to ensure an effective and smooth process that delivers the insights you require for your business need.

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Benefits of a Solution Assessment

Tailored to your needs

There are different assessment available, each offers a variety of insights. See the Solution Assessment Offerings we can help you below.

Report & Outcome

An analysis of the data is generated typically as a comprehensive custom PowerBI Report & Executive Summary presentation.

Best Practice

Microsoft Solution Assessments are a set of industry standard best practices that incorporate proven strategies for managing and optimizing an organization’s IT assets.

Latest tools

Microsoft Solution assessments utilize modern tools to collect data and provide insights into your IT environment and present data-driven recommendations.

Delivery Options

Each Microsoft Solution Assessment can be guided by Microsoft or a Microsoft Partner like Spanish Point. Next Steps regarding migration and adoption are delivered by the Microsoft Partner.

What to expect from your Solution Assessment?

Assess and Discover

Gather accurate data from your IT environment:

  • Real-time details on your environment
  • Identification of cloud transition blockers


Develop a roadmap for your cloud journey

  • Cost analysis of migration to the Microsoft Cloud
  • Prioritize end user tools and business apps for transition to the cloud

Plan & Decide

 Determine what changes are top priority:

  • Understand how cloud-based scalability can increase agility and identify opportunities for improving business processes & efficiency


Spanish Point can help you measure your progress

  • Track & achieve milestones using custom migration plans
  • Establish a utilisation baseline for assessing progress over time
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Discovery Workshop

When looking for a solution to meet your current and future needs, you must first gather as much information as possible to realise just what those needs are. Our Discovery Workshops can give you clarity on the requirements of of your organisation and will allow you to identify the integration requirements between departments, roles and functions.


Microsoft Trusted Partner

Spanish Point highly recommends an Agile approach to the implementation of our solutions, as this consistently produces a better customer experience and end solution, increased user adoption and a more innovative approach than the more traditional implementation methodologies. Our agile approach is based on the Scrum framework, a concrete set of artefacts, best practices and roles. 

Software development is carried out using an agile approach with a modern CI/CD, continuous integration / continuous deployments. While CI/CD requires an upfront investment during the build phase, for systems expected to have a multi-year lifespan, the pay back is high, and the investment is strongly recommended.

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Our Support Services

Spanish Point offer all our customers 24 x 7 x 365 annual and draw-down support capabilities. Our Support Service is a service level agreement providing for named representatives of the customer to contact the Spanish Point help desk and request assistance.

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Our Support Services

Accelerate Microsoft Technologies On-boarding and User Adoption with our hands-on lab one day Bootcamps.

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