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Achieve More With Azure Cloud Services To Meet The New Digital Challenges

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Microsoft Azure provides seamless integration with your current IT infrastructure, empowering you to build, manage, and deploy applications with unmatched flexibility. Azure’s suite of services embraces storage, analytics, and application development, satisfying every aspect of your cloud journey.

Spanish Point’s Cloud Services can help you simplify and expedite your cloud adoption, enabling you to leverage Azure’s capabilities to transform your business. Our expertise empowers you to take advantage of the cloud including unparalleled speed and scalability, driving innovation, and growing your business.

Our Cloud Solutions

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Harness the Power of Microsoft Azure

As an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or an Enterprise Customer, you can use the transformative power of Azure Cloud to enhance productivity, creativity, and security.

By leveraging our Microsoft Best Practice expertise and proven methodology, our team of experts will ensure a smooth and successful journey to the cloud, tailored to your specific needs. Our extensive experience serving clients across diverse industries ensures that you receive the guidance and support you need to maximise the benefits of Azure Cloud. Unlock Cloud benefits like:

  • Substantial Cost Savings: Reduce your IT infrastructure expenses and optimise resource allocation.
  • Operational Enhancements: Streamline your operations and gain greater agility in managing your cloud environment.
  • Future-Proof Platform: Establish a robust foundation for future growth and innovation with Azure’s cutting-edge capabilities.
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Access your Azure Virtual Desktop from Anywhere

Experience the flexibility and security of Azure Virtual Desktop, a Cloud-based Desktop and app Virtualisation service designed for remote workers. By leveraging the power of Azure and Microsoft 365, Azure Virtual Desktop provides:

  • Secure Remote Access: Empower your employees to securely access business applications from anywhere.
  • Cost-Effective Scalability: Scale your infrastructure seamlessly to meet your changing needs.
  • Unmatched Device Compatibility: Access your desktop and applications from various devices over the internet.
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Optimise Your Software Delivery Process with DevOps Tools

Accelerate your software development lifecycle and deliver innovative applications faster with Azure DevOps. Azure DevOps seamlessly integrates with a variety of tools and services, reducing integration time and enabling faster delivery of high-quality software.

This comprehensive suite of DevOps tools enables:

  • Streamlined Development Cycle: Implement Continuous Integration, Testing, and Deployment (CI/CD) for faster software releases.
  • Unified Development Environment: Break down silos and foster collaboration among teams.
  • Consistent User Value: Deliver high-quality software that consistently meets user expectations.
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Enhance Asset Visibility and Security from Datacenter to Cloud

In today’s cybersecurity landscape, safeguarding your digital assets is paramount. With companies facing an average annual loss of €10 million due to cybercrime, proactive security measures are essential.

At Spanish Point, we prioritise security as the cornerstone of our end-to-end project implementation. As a Certified Microsoft Partner, we understand the importance of innovative and effective security controls and the meticulous handling of your data at every stage. Since 2005, we’ve been delivering Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions to a diverse range of customers, ensuring secure access to their services and systems.

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Unleash the power of data with a Modern Data Platform

By modernising your data estate, you can empower your organisation with valuable business insights, strengthen security and compliance, and achieve significant cost savings.

Your data estate encompasses all the data owned by your organisation. Migrating this data to the cloud or modernising it on-premises can unlock crucial insights that drive innovation. Access the leading data platform in the industry, providing built-in security, enhanced performance, and advanced analytics to rejuvenate your business.

What are the benefits?

  • Enhanced Security: Protect your data with industry-leading security features.
  • Unmatched Performance: Experience exceptional performance and scalability for demanding workloads.
  • Advanced Analytics: Gain deeper insights from your data with advanced analytics capabilities.
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Establish Effective Cloud Governance for Optimal Utilisation

Effective cloud governance is essential for maximizing the value of your cloud investment. It ensures that your cloud infrastructure is aligned with your business goals, optimized for cost-efficiency, and compliant with industry regulations.

Spanish Point’s Cloud Governance framework helps you establish clear cloud policies, implement robust controls, and monitor your cloud usage effectively. We provide the guidance and support you need to govern your cloud environment effectively, ensuring long-term success in the cloud.
Contact our team to learn more about your Cloud Governance Framework

Spanish Point Technologies

Our Expertise

As one of the earliest adopters of Cloud Services technologies in Ireland, App Modernisation and Innovation Partner of the Year 2022, and Microsoft’s Azure Data Platform Partner of the Year 2017, Spanish Point has the experience and expertise to manage your move to the Cloud.

Spanish Point can help you with all aspects of cloud adoption, from planning and design to migration and management. Our experts can also help you develop a cloud strategy that is aligned with your business goals.

2022 App Modernisation And Innovation
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Spanish Point Technologies - Cloud Migration

Take full advantage of Microsoft Azure with Spanish Point's Cloud Services

Migrating Servers, Storage, Databases, Software, Analytics and more to the Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Sevices. Make significant cost savings while gaining access to a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution for your business.

Experience the advantages of quicker app deployment, data backup, analytics and more, all on demand. Scale up or down according to resources, opportunities, and market demand. Innovate with rapid app-building capabilities on the cloud.

Our services

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Discovery Workshop

When looking for a solution to meet your current and future needs, you must first gather as much information as possible to realise just what those needs are. Our Discovery Workshops for Cloud Services can give you clarity on the requirements of of your organisation and will allow you to identify the integration requirements between departments, roles and functions.


Microsoft Trusted Partner

Spanish Point highly recommends an Agile approach to the implementation of our solutions, as this consistently produces a better customer experience and end solution, increased user adoption and a more innovative approach than the more traditional implementation methodologies. Our agile approach is based on the Scrum framework, a concrete set of artefacts, best practices and roles. 

Software development is carried out using an agile approach with a modern CI/CD, continuous integration / continuous deployments. While CI/CD requires an upfront investment during the build phase, for systems expected to have a multi-year lifespan, the pay back is high, and the investment is strongly recommended.

Support - Spanish Point Technologies

Our Support Services

Spanish Point offer all our customers 24 x 7 x 365 annual and draw-down support capabilities. Our Support Service is a service level agreement providing for named representatives of the customer to contact the Spanish Point help desk and request assistance.

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Our Support Services

Accelerate Microsoft Technologies On-boarding and User Adoption with our hands-on lab one day Bootcamps.

Ready to start your journey to the Cloud?

Get in touch with our experts to establish a complete migration plan. Spanish Point;s team can help you create a thorough assessment of your workloads and empower your business.