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Our commitment to become a Climate Positive Organisation

At Spanish Point, we believe sustainability is critical for meeting the needs of today and of future generations. We are aware of our place in society and that in order to contribute we need to take action and responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint and promote sustainable development.

In alignment with our Spanish Point values, we are committed to becoming a Climate Positive Organisation and to design and deliver on our sustainability targets, focusing on cross-functional relationships and interdepartmental alignment with our Green Initiative within Spanish Point.

We’re expanding our efforts to include our partner network and to engage globally within different communities.

Built in collaboration with our colleagues and partners, our sustainability goals have been designed and integrated into our everyday ways of working.

Our Sustainability Goals

Becoming a Climate Positive Organisation

We are taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impact and we aim that our sustainability targets reflect that.

Our goal is to go a step further than net zero.

Ultimately, we want maximise our environmental benefit by removing more greenhouse emissions than we are generating.  Additionally, we’re introducing annual environmental sustainability reports that we’ll publish to outline our progress towards our goals

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint by 30%

We aim to reduce our carbon emissions going forward. Our sustainability pledge doesn’t just stop at us.

Due to our operations during 2021, Spanish Point accounted for 23 tonnes of CO2 emissions. We purchased carbon credits to offset this impact and as a result we are a Carbon Neutral Organisation. We’re actively working with all our colleagues, our customers and our partner community to make meaningful impact. We are dedicated to actively working towards reducing our carbon footprint in both small and large ways.

Our Partnerships

We understand that we cannot do this alone, therefore, we have partnered with other organisations to work together, learn from each other, and pool resources towards establishing a better environment.

In partnership with Ecologi, we are compensating our carbon footprint by planting trees to help reduce the atmospheric Carbon dioxide levels and funding a broad range of projects that are able to provide evidence on the  reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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Microsoft Partner Pledge

Our Commitments

Taking Care Of The Earth Bro

Microsoft Pledge

We have signed the Microsoft Western Europe Partner Pledge. Our focal point is sustainability. We believe in adopting technologies in a deep, ethical way. Technology should be a force for good and our objective is to make a positive impact on the only planet we have.

Environment Cuate

Driving Climate Change Awareness

We recognise the need to educate more people on the impact of global warming and we are dedicated to helping counter disinformation while spreading the realities of the current environmental crisis. We also aim to inform our suppliers, partners and clients on what roles they can play to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Environment Rafiki

Environmental Sustainability Report

We’re committed to transparency on the progress we make on our sustainability commitments, sharing our learnings and looking ahead of this journey.

Join Us and Make Your Organisation More Sustainable

In conjunction with Microsoft, we offer a free* sustainability assessment service which entails a full evaluation of your company’s practices.