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What is Azure?

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Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated Cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications through a global network of data centres. With Azure, you get the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, applications and frameworks of your choice.

Get services such as data analytics, data warehousing, IoT solutions and Dev and Test ops, all in a managed, secure and scalable environment. Whether you want to build apps and websites, or store, back up and analyse data, Azure offers an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Azure Capabilities

Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop helps deliver a simulated computing experience from anywhere, providing your teams with remote capabilities and secure access to your business applications and desktops, while maintaining maximum flexibility.

Azure DevOps

Support your software developers with Azure DevOps, empowering them to collaborate efficiently on code development, building, testing and deployment. Gain an integrated set of tools to manage your software projects and improve customer satisfaction.

Azure Cognitive Search

Azure Cognitive Research was designed to bring AI, infrastructure, tools and API’s within reach of every developer. This cloud search platform provides developers with the necessary resources required to give their applications AI capabilities, embedding cognitive skills like vision, understanding, advanced decision making and so much more.

Azure SQL

With Azure SQL, seamlessly migrate and modernise your existing applications at scale and at your own pace, complete with a fully managed service that keeps your databases automatically updated and backed up. Benefit from high performance, competitive prices and low maintenance.

Azure Databricks

Build Artificial Intelligence with Azure Databricks and unlock useful information from your complex data. Give your data scientists the tools they need to collaborate effectively on large data sets in an interactive, open source workspace with their chosen programming language for an analysis of your most complete and recent data.

Microsoft Fabric

With Microsoft Fabric, you can now streamline your analytics endeavors with a single, unified product. Enjoy a seamless experience and architecture that caters to all the essential capabilities needed to extract insights from data and present them to business users.

Microsoft Purview

Understand and govern data successfully with Microsoft Purview. Adopt a holistic approach and go beyond compliance, improving data security, risk management and data visibility across all platforms, apps and clouds with comprehensive governance solutions.

Microsoft Entra ID

Securely connect and govern your identities with Microsoft Entra ID. Enhance data protection, risk management, and identity visibility across all platforms, applications, and clouds with a comprehensive governance solution.

The Benefits of Azure

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Power decisions and apps with insights

Uncover Business Insights with Advanced Analytics and Data Services for both traditional and new data sources. Detect anomalies, predict behaviours and recommend actions for your business.

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Deploy anywhere with your choice of tools

Azure connects Cloud and on-premises with consistent hybrid Cloud capabilities and using open-source technologies for maximum portability and value from your existing investments.

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Protect your business

90% of Fortune 500 companies trust the Microsoft Cloud, and so can you. Azure helps to protect your assets through a rigorous methodology that focuses on security, privacy, compliance and transparency.

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Accelerate app innovation

Build simple to complex projects within a consistent portal experience using deeply integrated Cloud services, so you can rapidly develop, deploy and manage your apps.

Spanish Point Technologies

Microsoft Azure Specialists

Our Azure experience includes designing, building and supporting a high-availability/ high-performance Azure environment for a major e-commerce platform with annual revenues exceeding €2bn, consolidating over 30 websites onto one Azure environment for a major Irish multinational. We have worked with ISVs in finance, HR, engineering and animation to reengineer and re-platform their applications to Azure. We provided Azure managed services for systems processing billions of transaction per month and for customers that have migrated all their systems to Azure and Microsoft other Cloud services. We are an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider(MSP) and won App Modernisation and Innovation Partner of the Year 2022.

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