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A central system to manage all types of customer engagement from request through to delivery.

Technologies Used:
Dynamics 365, SharePoint

The Dock is Accenture’s Innovation hub. It represents the next leap forward for connected buildings, with a new global research and incubation hub geared towards collaboration and has been designed as a workspace where multidisciplinary teams can come together to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. This connected building is Accenture’s showcase of the evolving IoT platform for connected spaces, which will transform the future of work in the years to come.

The Challenge

Administration teams in The Dock manage multiple types of client engagement. These services are referred to as Tours, Workshops and Projects. For each of these customer engagements there are many skilled resources involved from many disciplines. Managing the demand from customers and the availability, capacity, and scheduling of resources is very time consuming and complex especially when you are doing this across multiple spreadsheets and email inboxes. There tends to be silos of information where teams work independently so visibility across those teams for management means days of data collection and report generation every month.

The Solution

Each user has their own personal system that is not centralised, open to errors, and not shared in a meaningful way. There is no simple means of capturing contact data and opportunities resulting in different ways being used to manage both internal and external contacts. The pipeline is manually updated on a weekly basis which is a big administration overhead and very time-consuming. There is limited reporting available contributing to the resource planners having a limited idea of future activities and there is poor follow up with previous visitors to the Dock, all of which are resulting in a disjointed system.

“Pipeline is currently a spreadsheet, whiteboard and email-based process. It is not clear who owns and managed the relationships with a contact. Currently The Dock teams work in silo with limited visibility across multiple entities.”

Required Solution

The Dock/Accenture required a solution to ensure:


  • All required resources are available for each customer visit.
  • Resources and clients are communicated to in a timely manner.
  • That the organizers (users) can manage and report on client visits.
  • Users can manage different types of visits which include Tours, workshops and projects.
  • The application to visit process is made much more efficient.

Spanish Point Solution

Spanish Point designed and built a central system to manage all types of customer engagement from request through to delivery. This system allows all administrators to see the demand from customers from an early stage in the engagement life cycle. The system automatically shows available resources with the right skills at the requested time that the customer visits. This allows customers to get the best person for the engagement and to get an efficient and first-class experience before and after the engagement. These factors all contribute to a greater level of business intelligence around the engagements that have taken place including customer feedback.

Key Benefits

Deeper customer insights

Days every month saved per administrator through efficiency gains

For opportunity follow up e.g. Based on a positive survey response

Getting the right resource for the job on a much more frequent basis

A system that can provide GDPR compliance

More time for administrators to add value

Full audit trail of data changes for completeness

Pains Alleviated

No more silos of data

No more managing spreadsheets of data

No more waiting for days to get reports