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System Migration to Azure Cloud Platform

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Technologies Used: Azure, CRM, SharePoint, SQL Server

Scaling e-commerce Transactions

eShopWorld is one of the world’s leading online corporate ecommerce booking and expense management firms. It empowers sellers to sell efficiently into international markets while delivering a seamless, globalised online shopping experience.

Buying online is incredibly easy: in just a few clicks, you have your product. But behind the scenes, databases perform thousands of transactions—searching through hundreds of available products—in milliseconds. If the process takes too long, another ecommerce site is only a click away.

“We provide e-commerce services to global brands which requires a service that enables us to provide internet scale, e-shopping capability to all our clients. Spanish Point were chosen to design and implement such a system due to their expertise in Microsoft Azure cloud services.”

Connor Smith,


The Challenge

eShopWorld is growing domestically and in emerging markets such as India, China, the Middle East, and Singapore. Since early 2014, the company has more than doubled its staff, and it aims to more than double its number of ecommerce transactions in 2016.

To accomplish this aggressive goal, eShopWorld needs to ensure that its datacenter infrastructure can handle a dramatic increase in transactions. The company currently performs about 300 million transactions a week.

Key Benefits

Reduce annual database costs

Improved performance by 300%

Gain flexibility and scalability

Faster deployment

Increased insight and efficiency

The Solution

eShopWorld tested Microsoft Azure Premium Storage, which stores data on solid-state drives and provides up to 5,000 IOPS and 200 megabytes per second (MB/sec) throughput. For eShopWorld Online, Spanish Point developed 150 A-Series Azure Virtual Machines as front-end web servers attached to eight DS-Series Azure Virtual Machines that act as database servers running SQL Server 2014. We also upgraded their production environment to use 10 Azure Premium Storage Disks—two for backup, two for SQL Server system databases and temporary databases, three for user SQL Server data, and three for user SQL Server logs. eShopWorld continues to use Azure Standard Storage for its disaster recovery environment.

“With Azure Premium Storage, we envisage that our current virtual machines can scale to handle more than 500 million SQL Server transactions weekly. This will reduce our overall costs, which is key as we scale globally.”

Connor Smith

CTO, eShop World