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Power BI and Azure

Data has become a key input for driving business growth, enabling businesses to differentiate themselves and maintain a competitive edge. Given data is now one of the most important commodities for organisations, interpreting and driving value from the data we have collected is a key activity. To efficiently analyse multiple data sources from gift cards, POS and loyalty programmes, Savvy created Savvy Analytics which gives their customers the opportunity to bring together multiple disparate data sources into one clear Analytics process and reporting tool.
Savvy reached out to Spanish Point’s Analytics team to create an analysis portal using Microsoft’s Power BI. The result, a market-leading analytics service that helps Savvy’s customers obtain actionable insights to maximise the benefits of their gift cards program.

The Challenge

With over 350 active programs and clients, Savvy has a deep understanding of the gift card industry. Their sophisticated processing platform helps their customers to issue physical and digital gift cards across multiple sales channels in real time, and at considerable processing scale.

To help their clients to gather insights about the underlying customer behaviour behind the gift card transaction activity, Savvy started offering enhanced Business Intelligence around their gift card programmes to some of their largest customers. These insights will help their customers to save time and money and to make better decisions based on real-time, consolidated data about their gift card customer behaviour.

“Spanish Point has exceeded our expectations in terms of their ability to help us pull together excellent graphics and reports that have also allowed us to win several new customers.”

Paul Gaffney


Savvy originally developed their Analytics Service using Excel as their main platform to deliver and package together different reports to their clients. In 2019 Savvy decided to re-platform their Analytics Service to provide more powerful, visually and appealing reports to their customers, so they could provide this information to C-Level executives in their organisations, therefore they needed to find a tool to achieve this.

The Solution

Partnering with Spanish Point, Savvy has implemented and adopted Microsoft Power BI, one of the leading analytics tools in the market, to use data-driven insights to empower its customers and their business. Spanish Point supported Savvy to move their Business Intelligence workload to Microsoft Azure and Power BI, including their SSAS Multidimensional model.

This Business Intelligence Service brings together disparate sales and transaction data into actionable intelligence to help managers make the right decisions and understand the implications of their gift card program.

Key Benefits

Market-leading analytics service

Identify profitability of the vouchers program

Identify peak sales

Opportunities in new markets around the world

Identify redemption times

Minimising the reporting gap

The Result

Savvy has now completed their gift card solution offer with a market-leading analytics service that helps their customers obtain actionable insights. This solution can consolidate data into customised dashboards and reports that identify peak sales, redemption times and profitability of the vouchers program.

Savvy has also had the opportunity to show their reports and analytics solution to new markets around the world. They have offered this as a second standalone service that integrates with other gift card transaction platforms.

Savvy has shown the value of their Analytics Service, by minimizing the reporting gap companies have, as a result the opportunity to show the capability of their Analytics Service has allowed them to win new customer projects in the United States.