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Azure Migration Program – to improve the migration experience

by Spanish Point - Jul 25, 2019
Azure Migration Program – to improve the migration experience

With all the exciting news that happened in the Microsoft’s annual Inspire convention. (Spanish Point was named Ireland’s Country Partner of the Year and Application Innovation Partner of the Year!!), we have to remark the updates of the Azure Migration program, along with some other news regarding AI, Azure Lighthouse and Microsoft Teams.

Azure Migration Program

Julia White, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure, shared Microsoft’s approach to help their customers to migrate to Azure, bringing together a best practice- based, holistic experience for migrating existing applications and systems, with insights from organisations such as, Allscripts, Chevron and J.B. Hunt.

The program aims to use proven cloud adoption methodologies, tools, resources and best practices to ensure the migration to Azure is successful. Some of the benefits are:

  • Curated, step-by-step guidance based on proven Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure methodology.
  • Technical skill building with foundational and role-specific courses to develop new Azure skills and ensue long-term organisational readiness.
  • Azure migration tools, such as Azure Migrate and Azure Cost Management.  
  • Offers to reduce migration costs.

If you want to dive deeper into Azure and learn key Microsoft Azure concepts and basic implementation of Azure subscriptions, websites, virtual machines, storage, virtual networks, databases and Microsoft Azure Active Directory;

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To learn more about the Azure Migration program, watch this video to see how you can benefit.