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Continuously build, test, and deploy to the Cloud with Azure Pipelines

by Spanish Point - Feb 6, 2020
Continuously build, test, and deploy to the Cloud with Azure Pipelines

Only with a robust, secure, and stable foundation can a business truly transform. It helps boost productivity, improve business partner experiences, and reduce costs. By taking advantage of powerful and flexible hybrid-cloud architecture, we’re able to recoup time previously spent managing servers and hardware, and focus our efforts on supporting our business critical challenges and key opportunities.


New options are now available to help you upgrade and adopt the innovative technologies you need to carry your organization into the future. If you need additional time to manage the transition, get three years of Extended Security Updates to keep your workloads protected beyond the deadline.

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Continuous Development

Azure Pipelines to run millions of automated tests on code each day. Implementing continuous delivery is challenging. An Azure Pipeline is a fully featured continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD), you can deploy to most major cloud services and automate the build, testing and deployment of your code.

UI Automation was developed as a successor to Microsoft Active Accessibility, a framework designed to provide a solution for making controls and applications accessible. Microsoft Active Accessibility was not designed with test automation in mind, although it evolved into that role because of the similar requirements of accessibility and automation.

UI Automation is specifically designed to provide robust functionality for automated testing, in addition to providing more refined solutions for accessibility. For example, Microsoft Active Accessibility relies on a single interface to expose information about the UI and to collect the information needed by assistive technology products; UI Automation separates the two models.

Continuously Build Test And Deploy To The Cloud With Azure Pipelines

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