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Launch of CISAC Global Collections Report 2019

by Spanish Point - Nov 7, 2019
Launch of CISAC Global Collections Report 2019

Today CISAC released the Global Collections Report detailing issues facing CMOs.

Today in Paris, CISAC (International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers) released the Global Collections Report 2019.

As the world’s leading network of Collective Management Organisations, with 232 members societies from 120 countries, CISAC is the global leader in music royalty collections research. The report advises CMOs on the key issues and developments in the industry for 2019 and beyond. Highlights of the report include rising revenues from digital sources, global collections data, case studies from ten international markets and analyses of important legislative developments.

Commenting on the report findings, CISAC President Jean-Michel Jarre highlighted the problem of digital collections revenue for creatives. He commented that these amounted to “one fifth of all revenues collections collected for creators globally”.

A close partner to CISAC, Spanish Point Technologies developed The Matching Engine application to support CMOs to overcome complexities associated with metadata and music matching in digital collections.

In a dynamic industry, this is a must read for CMOs as they plan their 2020 strategies. The report is available for download today.

Download Key Highlights of the Report

Download the 2019 Global Collections Report