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ISVs can Gain deeper insights with Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

by Spanish Point - Sep 8, 2022
ISVs can Gain deeper insights with Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform

Data is foundational to any ISV, yet many struggle to understand what data they have and how to extract insights from it. The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, empowers Independent Software Vendors, and other organisations, to invest time in creating value rather than integrating and managing their data estate. It integrates best-in-class solutions across Microsoft’s technology stack—breaking down data siloes and allowing ISVs to extract real-time insights with the data governance needed to run the business safely.

A blue screen with three panels titled Databases, Insights and Governance highlighting the three product suites making up the intelligent data platform. Under Databases is SQL, Cosmos DB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL, under Insights is Azure Synapse Analytics, Power BI, and Databricks, and Under Governance is Microsoft Purview.

Added security and analytics features for the Azure data portfolio

The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform features everything already available in the Azure Data portfolio (Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Explorer, SQL Server 2022, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, and more.). Additionally, new products and features, including SQL Server 2022, Azure Synapse Link for SQL, Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights, and Datamart in Power BI have been added:

A blue background showing a SQL database connected to Azure Synapse Link products: Logistics, IoT Telemetry, Orders, and ML output.

Real-world applications for businesses through real-time data

Many ISVs conduct daily batch runs, where they must manually track their inventory levels and input the data at least once a day. With this method, these organizations cannot accurately predict how much product to sell and must err on the side of selling less to avoid running out of inventory. In times when supply chains are uncertain, this means companies miss out on even more sales.

  • SQL Server 2022 is the most secure database of the last decade. And is now integrated with Microsoft Purview and Azure Synapse Link, allowing for richer insights and governance from data at scale. SQL Server 2022 also comes with new features including AWS S3 support, Azure Active Directory authentication, Query Store hints, as well as security improvements compared to SQL Server 2019.
  • Azure Synapse Link for SQL offers real-time analytics for data stored in Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure SQL. It is an automated system that allows for replication of data from transactional databases (both SQL Server 2022 and Azure SQL Database) to a dedicated SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics. Azure Synapse Link features near real-time analytics, low-code/no-code solutions for replicating data, as well as minimal operational impact on source systems.
  • Purview Data Estate Insights is an application that provides Chief Data Officers and other strategic leaders with a summary of their data estate and the risk associated with that data. Purview provides insights on data stewardship, inventory, curation, and governance through automatically generated reports which can be easily shared with stakeholders.
  • Lastly, Datamart in Power BI allows analysts to access richer insights from their data sets through data marts. Datamarts are self-service analytic solutions that help to bridge the gap between business users through a simple and optionally no-code experience. With datamarts, you can easily ingest and prepare data, add business semantics to data, manage and govern data, as well as build and share reports.

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