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Modernise Your SharePoint Intranet Today with Microsoft Viva

by Spanish Point - Nov 21, 2022
Modernise Your SharePoint Intranet Today with Microsoft Viva

The world of work as we’ve known it has evolved in recent years. Employees now spend more time connecting with each other via the internet using platforms like Microsoft Teams as opposed to in the office, in person. In today’s digital age, it is incredibly important for businesses to consciously drive organisational efficiency, encourage cohesion, and empower teamwork online by creating a digitised ecosystem and culture that keeps employees informed and in sync. With a SharePoint powered intranet, many organisations have done just that. Intranets allow for ease of collaboration, file sharing, enterprise-wide information dissemination and so much more. However, with the modernisation of the workplace and the rise of remote and hybrid working, the need for an optimised, more unified company intranet has never been higher.

With Microsoft Viva Connections, your business can create the ideal online environment to achieve this company wide cohesion. By integrating your present SharePoint intranet with Microsoft Viva, you have the potential to transform the impact of your home site and take it to the next level. Your employees will now be able to access your company intranet through the platform they use most, Microsoft Teams.

Spanish Point recommends that you elevate your current SharePoint intranet by implementing Microsoft Viva, helping you link your intranet to Microsoft Teams and allowing you to discover and search relevant content, sites, and news from across your organisation right from the Team’s app bar.

How Microsoft Viva Can Upgrade Your Existing SharePoint Intranet

With Microsoft Viva, Viva Connections to be precise, your current intranet will now assimilate seamlessly into Microsoft Teams. This will undoubtedly drive employee engagement. No longer will staff have to log on to SharePoint daily to view company updates, everything will be right there in Teams, making it more likely that they will indeed see company notifications, ensuring that your company is truly in tandem.

Viva Connections was designed to help businesses incorporate their existing internal resources into Microsoft Teams providing a much easier way for employees to share information, collaborate efficiently and chat all in one centralised platform.

Here are some capabilities this integration adds:

Access intranet resources directly in Teams – With this Viva & SharePoint update, you can now navigate all SharePoint pages instantly within Teams without losing context. All files will open right there in the Teams file preview window.

Intranet Landing Page In Teams

Easily share content – Content sharing has never been easier with useful tools dynamically displayed on screen, based on the filetype. This will help simplify user collaboration. Tasks like sharing page links in a Teams chat will now be much more simplified.

Search for intranet files within Teams – On the home page, you will now be able to search for intranet content in Teams and gain access to information directly from your company’s SharePoint intranet without having to log on to SharePoint in a separate browser.

Highlights specific resources – Viva Connections for Teams desktop utilises company curated global navigation links plus personalised content like sites and news, powered by Microsoft Graph, to emphasise relevant content. While the global navigation bar is set up in SharePoint, it can be accessed in Teams by selecting the Teams app bar.

Enhance Your Company’s Intranet with Spanish Point

As one of the first adopters of SharePoint in 2005, and as the only Irish Microsoft Partner part of the Microsoft Viva Jumpstart Program, Spanish Point is uniquely positioned to help with your SharePoint intranet upgrade. Contact us today to maximise the value of your existing intranet and move it to Teams with Microsoft Viva Connections.

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