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Spanish Point Assisting Remote Workers

by Spanish Point - Apr 1, 2019
Spanish Point Assisting Remote Workers

Make Remote Workers your secret weapon!

Globally, 70 percent of employees are estimated to work remotely at least once a week. That trend is only going to accelerate as younger workers enter the workforce.

Remote workers don’t guarantee greater productivity, but a good plan paired with the right tools can help. Microsoft offers an entire productivity ecosystem built to empower mobile and remote workers.

How Spanish Point can help?

Spanish Point Technologies have vast experience in creating bespoke corporate intranets using Microsoft SharePoint. We combine our own knowledge with Microsoft’s best practices to build intranets which optimise the relevant content to facilitate improved organisation-wide productivity. To learn more about the mobile, intelligent corporate intranets that Spanish Point have developed in the past read our Irish Defence Forces case study below!

Microsoft Teams, which is part of Microsoft 365, is a great way to connect with remote workers via chat-based messaging, audio, or video calls, as well as sharing documents and other information.

Yammer, also part of Microsoft 365, provides a social-media-type experience that can help remote workers stay engaged with company culture, news, and knowledge-sharing. People can join relevant groups, build on the work of others, get fast answers to workplace questions, and more.

Be sure to choose technology that can create the best mobile work environment for your employees.