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What’s New: Copilot Updates in Microsoft Power Platform

by Spanish Point - Jun 26, 2024
What’s New: Copilot Updates in Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform continues to evolve, introducing a series of powerful enhancements designed to supercharge app development and process automation across its suite of applications. Here’s what’s new:

New updates in Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps has integrated Microsoft Copilot features, significantly enhancing app development capabilities. This integration introduces advanced AI and natural language processing tools, enabling developers to rapidly build enterprise-grade applications. By leveraging existing data and systems more efficiently, these features simplify the app creation process and reduce the complexity often associated with developing robust applications.

Key Updates:

  • Build Through Conversation: Developers can create apps by simply describing their needs in natural language, which simplifies the app development process.
  • Copilot-Powered User Experience: You can now enhance your canvas apps with Copilot control, allowing users to seamlessly access data insights through natural language conversations. Customise data interactions to transform user engagement.
  • Enhanced Controls: You are now able to add Copilot and chatbot controls to canvas apps to automate tasks like generating Power Fx formulas.
  • Rich Text Editor Integration: Developers can utilise Copilot within model-driven app editors for dynamic content creation and managing email communications.
  • Dataverse Integration: The updates allow you to elevate your data management capabilities by integrating Dataverse tables as knowledgeable sources directly within Copilot Studio, enhancing data accessibility and insight.

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Ready to elevate your app development with the latest Copilot enhancements in the Power Platform?

New Capabilities in Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages has significantly expanded its capabilities with several AI-powered features now generally available, transforming how websites are created and managed. These innovations leverage Copilot to streamline processes via natural language processing and AI-driven automation, offering a more dynamic and engaging user experience.

Live features:

  • Create AI-Generated Webpages: Developers can create webpages by simply describing their purpose to Copilot. The AI generates HTML complete with relevant text and images, which can then be fine-tuned within the site’s main navigation using the WYSIWYG editor.
  • AI-Generated Colour Themes: Utilise Copilot to craft bespoke colour themes for your website, which can be further tailored in the Styling workspace to reflect your brand identity.
  • Create AI-Generated Forms: Add forms to your Power Pages website effortlessly by describing what you need to Copilot. The AI constructs the form based on your description, allowing you to review, modify, or restart with a new description if necessary.
  • Generate AI-Generated Text: Enhance your website by adding text through Copilot. Describe your needs, and the AI will produce text that can be reviewed and edited to ensure it perfectly meets your site’s requirements before being published.
  • Ask Copilot Questions: Improve your site-building process by directly asking Copilot questions within the Pages workspace. This feature provides instantaneous answers and solutions, facilitating smoother navigation and more efficient site development.

Copilot Expansion in Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate has introduced innovative AI capabilities, revolutionising how workflows and processes are automated within organisations. With the integration of AI-driven Copilot, users can now engage in natural language conversations to create, refine, and optimise their automated workflows. This marks a significant advancement in making automation more accessible and efficient.

New features:

  • AI-Driven Flow Creation: Utilise Copilot to describe the automation you need, and let the AI handle the creation process. This feature simplifies the creation of both simple and complex workflows, accommodating everything from basic data handling to intricate, enterprise-wide processes.
  • Conversational Flow Editing: With Copilot in Power Automate, you can engage in open-ended, conversational interactions to make adjustments and improvements to your flows. This user-friendly interface requires no prior knowledge of Power Automate’s intricacies.
  • Automated Parameter Handling: When creating flows, Power Automate now automatically fills in required configuration parameters based on your descriptions. This minimises manual input and speeds up the automation process.

These enhancements to Microsoft Power Platform are designed to boost productivity and creativity for developers, ensuring that businesses can stay agile and innovative in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. With these updates, Microsoft continues to lead in providing tools that are not only powerful but also pivotal for businesses aiming to harness the full potential of digital transformation and AI integration. Contact us to learn more

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