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SMART AIM for Enterprise Customers

Transform your application with SMART AIM

TAKE AIM is a cloud migration roadmap, by producing a prioritized list of phased work packages for an Azure cloud migration & deployment. A metaphorical train, in which you can join with your application at any time and at any place you want and end up wherever you want to go as an organization.


Application Innovation & Migration (AIM)

Dramatically increase your business outcomes. AIM is a cloud migration solution proving you cost savings, operational excellence, as well as migrating to a platform that allows you to take advantage of the latest technology. For customers with solutions where their application isn’t developed to take advantage of the public cloud, then Spanish Point have the experience and expertise to help migrate your application to Azure, including the re architecting of key parts of the solution to take advantage of PaaS services in Azure and leverage the Azure Data Services. Spanish Point helps you find the best path to the cloud.

For IT Devs:

Automation: Extensive library of provisioning templates integrated with common orchestration tools such as Github, PowerShell Scripts, Chef, Puppet, DSL, and Azure Run Books.

Scalability: Dynamically allocate resources to match performance requirements, reducing the need to continually monitor the performance and make decisions about adding or removing resources.

Cloud Data & Analytics: Migration services for on-premise databases to SQL Server on IaaS or Azure SQL PaaS service, including SSIS migration, data warehouse, cloud ETL, and Power BI services.

DevOps: Assistance to automate your deployment process in the right way with Azure, with agile planning, continuous integration, continuous delivery & monitoring of applications.

Virtual Apps on Desktops: Put legacy client/server apps in the cloud provided to users through virtual desktop or using a virtual app.

Hybrid Solutions: Design and implement your integration requirements between cloud apps and cloud and on premise solutions e.g. privately deployed IaaS working with publicly deployed PaaS.

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For IT Pros:

High Availability & Disaster Recovery: Advice to combine the right Azure services to deliver your required SLA.

Governance: Achieve best practice governance of your Azure environment including the implementation of policies, processes and procedures as per your organization goals.

Security & Compliance: Control the security and compliance of your IT environment from malicious activities, vulnerabilities and other risks. Issues detected proactively with preventive automated actions.

Networking: Deploy a virtual network, control traffic filtering and routing, and connect a virtual network to other virtual networks.

Cost Optimisation: Monthly reporting and detailed usage insights, to assist you to optimise your Azure costs.

Identity Solutions: Including multifactor authentication, single sign-on and active directory federation services (ADFS).

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