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Empower your organisation with tailored Remote Solutions that prioritise inclusivity, flexibility, and security

Book a Desk App

Spanish Point have developed a PowerApp Desk Booking app, designed to enable users to book their desk in advance when they want to go to the office. Our Remote Solution provides your office with the flexibility it needs to easily manage hybrid working and hot desking.

Parking App

Spanish Point’s parking app is a tailored Remote Solution mobile app (also available online) for both Android and iOS, and can help direct your staff to available parking spaces ensuring that space is allocated fairly and transparently improving your employee and guests experience.

Remote Work

Today’s workplace is evolving, with companies at every level of industry adopting remote working with Microsoft Security guideliness. These days, employees need to be able to share information instantly wherever they are and at any time.

Spanish Point can help you stay connected with your teams and ensure you can continue working collaboratively and efficiently when working remotely.

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Hybrid Workplace

Spanish Point builds you that Modern Workplace that will engage your employees and empower them to work from anywhere, often on their own time. But also to use productivity solutions and your IT environment to drive the 4T’s of Teamwork, Transparency, Tangible Impact, and Technology.

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Transform the work experience of your workforce

Office Managers and HR Managers need to design hybrid work arrangements with company and individual human concerns in mind.  Hybrid work arrangements have become the norm, demanding a careful balance of company objectives and individual needs. At Spanish Point, we’ve developed a suite of Remote Solutions to empower your organization in navigating this evolving landscape.

Our comprehensive solutions, including our Desk Booking App and Parking App, offer the flexibility and tools necessary for creating a productive and inclusive work environment. We understand the significance of a connected team, whether working remotely or in the office. Contact us today to explore how our Remote Solutions can transform your organisation, allowing your teams to work as effectively as possible, regardless of their location.

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