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SMART AIM is a set of tools and processes to accelerate ISVs migration to the Cloud. It allows ISVs achieve more with Azure.

SMART AIM (Application Innovation & Migration)  starts with a cloud migration roadmap that produces a prioritised list of phased work packages for an Azure cloud migration and/or deployment. It offers real benefits, from cost savings and operational improvements to a future-proof platform that allows you to quickly take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Why use SMART AIM?


SMART AIM your legacy application

SMART AIM migrates pre-existing desktop and web application to the cloud, allowing you to deploy a SaaS experience for your customers. Our Azure and system architectures will analyse your application and draw up a migration road map that enables you to migrate your application to the cloud in manageable phases minimising your risk but quickly providing cloud solutions for your customers.

Save on software costs

SMART AIM leverages features of Azure IaaS, and PaaS to provide you with the latest tools and APIs, saving you significant costs of building and maintaining software, and freeing your business to invest in the features that are specific to your ISV solution and that really matter to your customers.

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SMART AIM Features

Azure Design Topology Reviews

Architecture & design topology reviews looking at different components of Azure that maybe relevant to your situation. Some you may be very familiar with and others you may not have yet considered. These reviews cover a wide range of subjects including access control, security, business continuity (high availability, backup, DR), performance, networking and many more.

Cost Optimisation

Cost models and cost optimisation. Cost reviews help manage costs by gaining insights into your cloud spend so that you get the most from your cloud investments.

Software Development & DevOps

Software development assistance, guidance for applications designed and built for the cloud, having key differences to traditional software development.

DevOps from 2 perspectives:

  • automation of your different environment builds
  • for software development and continuous software delivery

Governance allows you to build and scale your applications while maintaining control. Governance reviews take advantage of built-in and custom policies to set guardrails in your subscriptions, so you can easily deploy fully governed environments throughout your organization with Azure Blueprints.

Managed Service

Monitoring, Patching, Business Continuity and Incident Support for organisations that are typically resource constrained and/or relatively new to Azure, so you can focus on your core business objectives whilst we managed the Azure environments for you.

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