Quickly Deploy Virtual Desktops and Apps to Enable Secure Remote Work

Are you moving your data and infrastructure to the Cloud but still relying on the desktop software on the client side? During the pandemic, remote work has become essential to enabling businesses to stay open and compete effectively. Nevertheless, remote work isn’t going to end.  Experts expect that more than 40% of Ireland’s workforce will work at least some of the time from home with many businesses already embracing virtualisation as the answer to the challenges of a remote workforce.

Remote working

With Windows Virtual Desktop you can help your team by delivering a virtual experience and remote apps to any device. It can help you increase your remote team’s productivity on any device while saving you money. Plus, you get the compliance tools built into Azure backed by a EUR 1 billion annual cyber security investment from Microsoft.

Reduce your risks while creating a more seamless workflow, whether employees are working remotely or in the office, with Windows Virtual Desktop.

  • Built-in security using Azure
  • Dynamic policy engines
  • Robust identity management
  • MFA
  • Threat signal monitoring and automatic remediation

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