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Modernise Legacy Applications

Update legacy application with Microsoft Power Platform

Modernise Legacy Systems

Whether you purchased an on-premises application years ago or built an application in-house, you will reach a point where the application stops delivering value for your organisation and you need legacy modernization.

When organisations look to update these legacy applications, often it proves being a costly process.  Microsoft Power Platform offer a legacy software with which you can securely connect to your on-premise data and other cloud services while using digital applications for enhanced agility, increased productivity, effective legacy migration and reduced IT expenses.

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Legacy Applications VS Low Code Platforms

Legacy applications were not built with the same security and data restrictions of modern solutions as they were originally built on-premises. By enabling cloud-based access you can optimise entire business legacy platform processes to adapt to market changes and drive acceleration. Why migrate from your legacy systems to a low-code platform?

  • Leverage pre-built data models for secure, swift, and seamless migration
  • It’s time efficient
  • Preserve the functionality of legacy systems
  • Effortlessly adapt to market changes
  • Increase workflows automation

Benefits of the Power Platform

Cloud Solutions to Access Everywhere

Using the on-premise gateway, you can connect any legacy IT Systems to the Power Platform which provides the ability to access your data anywhere from any device.


Easily implement Identity management is managed through Azure Active Directory, enabling security policies and multi-factor authentication. You can also centrally manage all your deployed apps across your organisation.

Increase Agility

Build simple and easy-to-use mobile and web applications with an experience designed around your users that meet business requirements thanks to legacy application modernization.

Improve User Experience

Leverage the faster time-to-market to optimize your go-to-market opportunities with user-friendly applications

Increase Productivity with Data-Driven Insights

Digitise and automate business processes using a simple visual interface. With the Microsoft Power Platform you can get real-time information to improve your reports and act based on data-driven insights improving your legacy database.

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Art of the Possible

Get as much information as possible to realise just what your needs are. Our Discovery Workshops can give you clarity to the requirements of of your organisation and will allow identifying the integration requirements between departments, roles and functions.


Microsoft Trusted Partner

Spanish Point highly recommends an Agile approach to the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, as this consistently produces a better customer experience and end solution, increased user adoption and a more innovative approach than the more traditional implementation methodologies. Our agile approach is based on the Scrum framework, a concrete set of artefacts, best practices and roles. 

Software development is carried out using an agile approach with a modern CI/CD, continuous integration / continuous deployments. While CI/CD requires an upfront investment during the build phase, for systems expected to have a multi-year lifespan, the pay back is high, and the investment is strongly recommended.

We use DevOps to manage releases of new builds as we develop the application and then as we build new features in the future. There are additional Microsoft and Spanish Point tools we have enhanced to deal with the specific development requirements of Dynamics and the Power Platform.

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Our Support Services

Spanish Point offer all our customers 24 x 7 x 365 annual and draw-down support capabilities. Our Support Service is a service level agreement providing for named representatives of the customer to contact the Spanish Point help desk and request assistance.

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Accelerate solution on-boarding and user adoption with our hands-on lab one day Power Apps Bootcamp.

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