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AI Unleashed: Empowering ISVs with Azure’s Advanced Artificial Intelligence Features

by Spanish Point - Mar 7, 2024
AI Unleashed: Empowering ISVs with Azure’s Advanced Artificial Intelligence Features

In the fast-paced community of software development, staying ahead often means embracing the latest technological advancements. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a game changer, offering unparalleled opportunities for innovation and disruption. For Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), integrating AI capabilities into their solutions solutions isn’t a choice, but a necessity for staying competitive in today’s market. With Azure, Microsoft’s comprehensive cloud platform that is renowned for its extensive suite of AI tools and services. In this blog, we will look at how Azure’s advanced AI features are revolutionalising industries and unlocking untapped potential in software development.

Modern Data Solutions to Power AI Transformation

Data is the foundation of any intelligent app, and since AI can only be as good as its data, having a current data and analytics platform is crucial. The integration of data and AI services and solutions can be a unique competitive advantage because every organisation’s data is unique. In 2023, Microsoft announced the general availability of Microsoft Fabric, their most integrated data and AI solution yet, into the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform. With a unified data platform, Microsoft Fabric can empower you in ways that were previously unattainable. This means you can integrate AI into your data wherever it lives. To increase the power of your data value creation and free up more time for innovation and less time for integration, this promotes an AI-centered culture.

Everything you need to Build, Test, and Deploy AI Innovations

Microsoft are delighted to introduce the public preview of Azure AI Studio, a groundbreaking platform for AI developers. Everything an organisation needs to tackle generative AI is now available in one place: cutting-edge models, data integration for retrieval augmented generation (RAG), intelligent search capabilities, full-lifecycle model management, and content safety. Azure AI Content Safety is accessible through Azure AI Studio, allowing developers to access model responses with ease on a single, integrated development platform. Microsoft have also announced the preview of new features in Azure AI Studio that address security risks and harms brought about by large language models (LLM), enabled by Azure AI Content Safety. The new features assist in recognising and stopping attempts at unlawful alteration, and identify when LLMs generate material that utilises the intellectual property and content of third parties.

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Explore how Azure’s cutting-edge AI features are revolutionising ISVs.

Building Cloud-Native and Intelligent Applications

Cloud-native app development, cloud-scale data, and AI are combined to create intelligent applications that produce incredibly unique digital experiences. The combination of AI and cloud-native technology offers a tangible opportunity to advance traditional applications, making them intelligent, and delivering more value to end users. In order to satisfy the changing needs of AI for both beginning and experienced users, Microsoft are committed to continuously improving Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). With AKS , customers can now execute specialised machine learning workloads like LLMs more cost -effectively and with less manual configuration.

New Microsoft Dev Box capabilities to improve the developer experience

Keeping your development workstation up to date so that it can create, execute, and debug your application is essential if you want to stay up with the speed of contemporary development teams. For hybrid teams of any size, Microsoft Dev Box offers developers safe, fully functional development workstations. Microsoft have introduced new preview capabilities to provide development teams with more precise control over their images,  the ability to connect to Hosted Networks to simplify connecting to your resources securely, and templates to make it easier to get up and running.

There are no limits to your innovation potential with Azure

By embracing Azure AI, organisations can not only streamline their operations and drive efficiencies but also unlock new revenue streams, gain a competitive edge, and pave the way for continued growth and innovation. At Spanish Point Technologies, through our collaborative approach and expertise in leveraging Azure’s advanced AI features, we can guide your organisation on this journey of embracing what AI has to off and revolutionise your software offerings.