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How the Azure Environment drives Innovation for ISVs with Databricks

by Spanish Point - Apr 1, 2021
How the Azure Environment drives Innovation for ISVs with Databricks

For any ISV running big data workloads in the cloud, exceptional scale, performance, and optimization are essential. Databricks customers have multiple choices for their cloud destination and Azure Databricks is the only first-party service offering for Databricks, which provides customers with distinct benefits not offered in any other cloud. Azure Databricks provides ISVs with benefits such as;

  1. Unique engineering partnership
  2. Support and streamlined licensing process
  3. Azure ecosystem
  4. Native security, identity, and compliance
  5. Rapid onboarding

Unique engineering partnership

The Azure and Databricks engineering teams have worked together to optimise Databricks for Azure and thus enable rapid ISV success. The collaboration between the two drives a highly performant level of cloud-scale operations that would not be possible without this unique engineering partnership. They work together to enhance the performance and scalability, monitor environments and provide business-critical support. Since Azure Databricks is a first-party service, the Azure Databricks engineering team can optimise the offering across storage, networking, and compute. Azure customers not only benefit from this optimisation, but they also get access to new innovations before they are available in any other cloud.

Support and streamlined licensing process

Largely due to the relationship outlined above, Microsoft is able to provide Azure Databricks customers with enterprise-level support from a singular place. This is important for ISVs running mission-critical workloads with Databricks.

ISVs can also benefit from a streamlined licensing process. Azure users can start using Azure Databricks immediately, with no additional licenses. They also only receive a single bill, greatly simplifying process.

Azure ecosystem

Azure Databricks is fully integrated with the products and services in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, facilitating ISVs to add value. The collaborative engineering effort ensures seamless integration of Azure Databricks with services such as Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake Storage, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Power BI to deliver a consistently integrated experience for customers.

Native security, identity, and compliance

Another benefit that Azure Databricks provides is enterprise-grade Azure security, including Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) integration, role-based access controls, and service-level agreements (SLAs). Native integration with Azure AD enables ISVs to run complete Azure-based solutions using Azure Databricks from the moment an Azure Databricks workspace is deployed. With Azure AD authentication, you can also connect securely to other services from Azure Databricks using your Azure AD account.

Rapid onboarding

As a fully managed, first-party Azure service, getting started with Azure Databricks is easy. Azure Databricks provides an easy path to get started and is available to customers around the world in 34 Azure regions.

Azure continues to release new solutions and features that are highly innovative. For Spanish Point, Azure Databricks supports the processing of large volumes of data for our Matching Engine Solution.

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