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ClickDimensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Unleash the Power of Marketing Automation

by Spanish Point - Jun 26, 2024
ClickDimensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Unleash the Power of Marketing Automation

Creating long-term customer relationships in the B2B world requires a persistent and multifaceted approach. Repetitive tasks and siloed data make it difficult to nurture leads and keep them engaged. ClickDimensions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a marketing automation solution that includes essential marketing tools such as email marketing, campaign automation, web intelligence, reporting, and web forms that will help your organisation attract more leads, close more sales and more effectively engage customers.

We will now look at the top ClickDimensions features for building stronger customer relationships.

Email Marketing

ClickDimensions empowers you to craft emails that reflect your brand identity. Leverage a suite of intuitive editors – Drag-and-Drop, Freestyle, and Custom HTML – to tailor your message with ease. Upload graphics and documents, import existing layouts, and format text effortlessly. For a user-friendly experience, the Drag-and-Drop editor simplifies email creation. Choose from a library of pre-built layouts, effortlessly add and customize text and links, and witness your design come to life in real-time.

Campaign Automation

Transform your marketing with an intuitive campaign automation builder. Design personalised experiences based on prospect behaviour and interests. Trigger targeted emails to nurture leads, drive sales, and generate excitement for your products. Get notified when leads engage with your messaging, empowering your sales team to capitalise on opportunities at the optimal moment. ClickDimensions allows you to create lead nurturing sequences, targeted promotions, and seamless onboarding experiences all within a single platform.

Web Intelligence

Gain a clear picture of your website’s performance and identify prospects actively engaging with your brand. Track anonymous and identified visitor activity within your CRM, revealing exactly how they navigate your website. The data flows directly into your Dynamics CRM, enabling you to:

  • Trigger automated workflows: Instantly respond to website activity with personalised emails or nurture sequences.
  • Generate insightful reports: Analyse website data alongside CRM information for comprehensive customer insights.
  • Create powerful find views: Leverage website activity data to build targeted lead lists and segments.
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Web Forms

Streamline lead capture and nurture stronger customer relationships with user-friendly web forms. Leverage a drag-and-drop designer to craft engaging forms that seamlessly integrate with your website or landing pages.

Smart Data Collection:

  • Eliminate duplicates: Automatically check submitted email addresses against your CRM to prevent redundant data entry.
  • Enrich existing profiles: Form data seamlessly populates existing CRM records, providing a complete view of your leads and contacts.
  • Generate new leads: Unfamiliar visitors who submit forms automatically create new CRM records, expanding your reach.


Effortlessly track the performance of your marketing campaigns across all channels. Link emails, web visits, page views, and form submissions directly to your CRM campaign records for a holistic view of customer engagement.

ClickDimensions integrates seamlessly with Dynamics CRM, allowing you to:

  • Centralise campaign data: View all campaign activity – emails, forms, web interactions – within a single platform.
  • Effortless association: Effortlessly link marketing activities and conversions to corresponding CRM campaigns with a simple point-and-click action.

Gain a unified view of your marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions that drive results. Leverage ClickDimensions integrated reporting to unlock the full potential of your marketing campaigns.

ClickDimensions streamlines relationship marketing, enabling you to nurture existing customers and attract new leads, ultimately converting them into loyal clients. The features highlighted above are designed to support your relationship marketing strategies. To learn how Spanish Point can assist you in integrating ClickDimensions into your operations, contact us today!