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Spanish Point to exhibit BI solutions at Microsoft’s BI and Productivity with SQL 2012 Event.

- Feb 12, 2012
Spanish Point to exhibit BI solutions at Microsoft’s BI and Productivity with SQL 2012 Event.

BI and Productivity for Your Business Solutions, with SQL 2012, presented by Rafal Lukawiecki

Today, IT strives for increased business relevance in the ever-changing environment of continuous demands for business growth and transformation, while needing to offer day-to-day mission-critical business systems for its employees. Microsoft’s Business Intelligence, Application, and Relationship Management platforms have been undergoing a strategic shift towards employee self-service empowerment, and SQL Server 2012 sees the introduction of some of the most impressive, and powerful technologies, such as Power View.

While covering the present, the roadmap for the future of the platform will also be outlined, in particular looking at the support for the emerging technologies of Big Data, and its relevance to public and private cloud environments.

So come and find out why Gartner has positioned Microsoft as the leader in business intelligence platform space and why Microsoft have positioned Spanish Point as one of Irelands BI leaders.

We will be onsite to show you how your own business can benefit from the combination of SQL 2012 and products that you may well have already.

9am- 4pm Wednesday, February 22nd 2012 
Grosvenor Suite, Berkeley Court Hotel, Dublin 4.

The full day seminar will be delivered by Rafal Lukawiecki

As Strategic Consultant at Project Botticelli Ltd (, Rafal focuses on making advanced analytics easy, insightful, and actionable, helping clients achieve better organisational performance. Passing those skills to consulting companies, development teams, investors, and management boards is important to him. While he specialises in business intelligence and data mining, he is also known for his work in the fields of information security and cryptography, enterprise architecture, and solution delivery. Rafal is a popular speaker at major IT conferences. He has travelled to 30–40 countries each year, for over fourteen years, even sharing keynote platforms with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. A natural educator, his ability to explain complex concepts in simplest terms, and his uniquely energetic