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Why Modern ISVs are choosing to Migrate their Applications to Azure

by Spanish Point - Mar 3, 2022
Why Modern ISVs are choosing to Migrate their Applications to Azure

Most modern businesses run on software. Whether that is in operations or how customers interact with your organisation, customers need to scale IT with apps and APIs from multiple software providers. With technology changing rapidly, it’s not feasible to build and maintain an entire IT portfolio on your own—this is where ISVs come in.

In partnership with Forrester, Microsoft found that ISVs on Azure are;

  • Increasing lead pipelines x2
  • Seeing 50-100% larger deal sizes
  • Reducing the sales cycle by 30%
  • Increasing gross margin by 12%

Microsoft Azure helps app builders drive robust demand for their apps and services by opening the door to one of the largest customer bases in the world. Leveraging Azure as your cloud platform unlocks access to 95% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies and the Azure platform gives you the agility you need to build future-ready apps for your customers.

SMART AIM (Application Innovation & Migration) by Spanish Point is an engagement model which accelerates the ISV journey to the cloud. This is achieved by leveraging the best practices of IaC (Infrastructure as Code) and the SMART AIM Library. It offers real benefits, from cost savings and operational improvements to a future-proof platform that allows you to quickly take advantage of the benefits of the cloud

Manually configuring the infrastructure for a cloud environment is time consuming and prone to errors. Infrastructure as Code is the configuration of cloud environments using scripts. Using an IaC approach reduces errors and costs and increases predictability. Our team of software developers have the experience and expertise to configure and deploy your cloud environment using our IaC skills and our SMART AIM Library.

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