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Microsoft Teams Exploratory License Expiration Date – Final Notice 

by Spanish Point - Feb 28, 2024
Microsoft Teams Exploratory License Expiration Date – Final Notice 

Microsoft made the generous move of creating a Teams exploratory license, which at the time had no expiration date specified. However, the time has come, and the Teams Exploratory licences are now being retired.  

The Microsoft Teams Exploratory experience lets users in your organisation who have Microsoft Entra ID and aren’t licensed for Teams initiate an exploratory experience of Teams. Admins can switch this feature on or off for users in their organisation. 

If you wish to continue to use Teams, you are now required to purchase a paid subscription if you have not already done so. This will impact directly your SharePoint storage allowance, so as they are removed, your storage will reduce. 

You should arrange to switch your users to paid licences before the trial ends, so they can continue using Teams. Users will no longer have access to Teams 30 days after the trial ends. If users obtain a paid licence within 60 days of the end date, they can regain access to Teams, and all content will remain intact. However, after 60 days, the users’ data will be erased. If users acquire a new licence that includes Teams features and are added within the grace period, all content will be retained.

If you have deployed Teams to smart devices for frontline workers, remember, frontline workers can benefit from the specifically designed M365 F plans. Furthermore, if you are not using the full M365 suite and have been using Teams Exploratory, you can also consider Teams Essentials. This is a new entry-level version of Teams.

For further information on what to do, visit: Upgrade from the Teams Exploratory trial – Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learnor contact Spanish Point at