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Minimise the Environmental Impact of Your Business with Microsoft Sustainability Manager

by Spanish Point - Nov 15, 2022
Minimise the Environmental Impact of Your Business with Microsoft Sustainability Manager

The effects of climate change are becoming continuously more apparent and unavoidable. With increased legislation and ESG assets growing by over 15 percent year on, businesses are looking to also advance their sustainability progress. It has become clear that while businesses want to do everything they can to make their operations more environmentally friendly, they are facing the challenge of accurately recording and reporting their sustainability efforts. Data driven solutions are necessary to properly measure and monitor sustainability transformations at scale in order to ensure that the most effective policies are put in place to produce much needed results.

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What Is The Microsoft Sustainability Manager?

it is a solution that helps to unify intelligence and provide integrated, automated and comprehensive sustainability management for businesses at any stage of their sustainability journey. Designed to help organisations accelerate their sustainability progress, the sustainability manager consolidates business’s data to track and actively reduce the environmental footprint of their value chain and operations.

Features and Capabilities of the Sustainability Manager

Accurately record and unify data intelligence – gain precise detailing of your company’s emissions footprint across your entire operation and value change through direct data connections. The sustainability manager allows you to automate data collection, calculate emissions more accurately across scopes, break down silos and benefit from a centralised streamlined data collection process to get clear actionable insights. the solution provides a guided experience that will aid in you:

  • Finding the required data using your chosen data collection method
  • Estimating missing data to fill in gaps
  • Selecting predefined emission factors
  • Taking advantage of the ability to develop data collection tools and procedures
  • Calculating emissions across varying levels in the company

Report and track environmental impact – with the sustainability manager, you will be able to meticulously analyse, visualise and report on your business’s consumption, ecological impact and sustainability progress in almost real time. this will make it easier to track the organisation’s performance against goals, allowing you to obtain actionable insights and streamline reporting. It included key features such as:

  • The sustainability dashboard: this provides a holistic overview of a business’s total emissions and renewable energy source. It also gives you the capability to quickly view summary statistics plus a comparison marker to check metrics against previous reporting periods, ascertain trends and view data by country, organisation unit or facility.
  • The emissions dashboard: this provides a synopsis of all emission types along with key summary statistics. Filter the dashboard by a reporting period, access emission trends, get detailed information on emissions by source & scope and use summary statistics to visualise your overall emissions activity.
  • Deep analysis tool – with this feature, dive deeper into data and uncover insights that may not be available from other reports.

Reduce emissions footprint – take action to significantly decrease harmful emissions from business operations and transform your organisation by implementing the sustainability manager which contains a useful scorecard and goals feature to curate metrics and track them against key business objectives. The tool can help you:

  • Track and set sustainability goals
  • Integrate sustainability insights obtained into plans
  • Collaborate seamlessly
  • Support emission reduction strategies

Sustainability with Spanish Point

At Spanish Point, we are committed to helping businesses realise their sustainability goals by utilising technological advances to help keep climate change effects at bay. Begin or optimise your sustainability journey today by availing of our sustainability assessment service in partnership with Microsoft, giving you all the necessary information to make ecological decisions that successfully align with your business’s goals.