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Simplify the Migration Process with Azure Migrate and Azure PowerShell

by Spanish Point - Nov 12, 2020
Simplify the Migration Process with Azure Migrate and Azure PowerShell

Microsoft Azure has many benefits to offer customers from spurring on business innovation to making them more resilient, agile and efficient. It is a key enabler of digital transformation and the more applications migrated to Azure, the more value realised.

Simplifying this migration process means that customers can migrate workloads swiftly. In July 2019, Microsoft introduced an enhanced version of Azure Migrate which featured a collection of tools across the discovery, assessment, and migration phases for multiple migration scenarios including servers, applications, and databases.

One of the most popular tools in Azure Migrate’s portfolio of tools is the Azure Migrate: Server Migration tool. The server migration tool lets you migrate servers and the applications on them to Azure virtual machines. The server migration tool offers agentless options for migration of VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines, and an agent-based option for migration of physical servers, and servers from other clouds to Azure. Thus, making it easier than ever to migrate existing servers and applications to Azure.

Microsoft have also recently announced a new Azure PowerShell module to help with the automation and acceleration of the migration process

This new Azure Migrate PowerShell module that is currently in preview, provides a set of PowerShell cmdlets that lets you migrate VMware virtual machines to Azure using the agentless migration method of the server migration tool. Using the PowerShell cmdlets in the module, you’ll be able to configure and manage replication of VMware virtual machines to Azure, perform test migrations, and then migrate them to Azure virtual machines.

In addition to the PowerShell module, they are releasing a set of sample scripts that use this PowerShell module to automate the migration of VMware virtual machines to Azure. These sample PowerShell scripts demonstrate how you can execute migrations at scale by using the PowerShell cmdlets to build a migration factory. These sample scripts are available on GitHub and can be downloaded and used as is, or be used as a baseline to build your own migration factory. 

Simplifying the migration journey allows you to empower your business and application teams. Cloud centers of excellence within organizations can define blueprints to be used by business and application teams to ensure that migrations are safe, compliant, and operationally efficient. Individual business and application teams can then use this blueprint to achieve agility and independence in their migration decisions. 

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