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Successfully Align Business Objectives and Employee Endeavours with Microsoft Viva Goals

by Spanish Point - Oct 11, 2022
Successfully Align Business Objectives and Employee Endeavours with Microsoft Viva Goals

For a business to succeed, it is imperative that the employees, the people without which the business could no longer function, understand their roles and how that ties in with the company’s overall goals. The purpose of a company must be clear to its employees in order to get the most out of them. Studies have shown that workers want to feel connected and aligned with their organisation’s mission. This directly impacts employee engagement, motivation, and productivity.

By providing staff with clarity, a sense of purpose and rewarding their impact on the organisation’s progress, the probability of achieving desired business outcomes instantly skyrockets. The missing link between the employee experience and favourable business outcomes is a consistent, perspicuous business-goal setting and tracking process. This gap is what Microsoft Viva Goals was created to bridge.

Viva goals sets out to bring purpose and alignment to Viva customers in conjunction with culture and communications, growth and development, knowledge and expertise along with wellbeing and engagement. Now more than ever, in an era where ‘quiet quitting’ has become increasingly popular, companies need to invest in keeping their employees inspired and incentivised.

Spanish Point recommends you implement Viva Goals to ensure your business targets and the efforts of your employees are in sync, leading to a more dynamic work environment and making sure every staff member, regardless of level, is heading in the same direction.

Viva Goals Explained

The function of Viva Goals is to help align teams with the strategic priorities of their organisations, uniting them around their mission and purpose. Employees will be able to get clarity on the work they are doing and how that work will directly affect the priorities of the business. By doing this and having that alignment in place, staff can then focus on doing the work. They will have the ability to make more tactical decisions, place more emphasis on the most relevant objectives and help achieve the desired business results.

Because Viva Goals integrates perfectly with Microsoft Teams, Azure DevOps, Power BI, Microsoft Viva, and other work management & data tools already being used in companies, it is able to bring business goals instantaneously into the flow of everyday work. This makes it much easier for employees to stay up to date with connected data and automated reminders. Furthermore, staff can seamlessly share their objectives and key results (OKR’s) as well as their progress across the organisation using quick links and customised dashboards, making OKRs easier to track and manage, inextricably linking them to the employee experience as opposed to existing in a separate silo.

Viva Goals

Encourage a Culture of Innovation with Viva Goals

When employees have a good grasp of their organisations mission, they begin to take ownership in the workplace and become more proactive. The transparency of understanding and feeling of connectedness to a company’s targets can lead to intrapreneurship and in turn can become a huge source of revenue for an organisation.

Having clear goals and measures of success across all levels of the organisation helps everyone align their work to the most valued priorities and provides context for teams and individuals. This is especially significant in a hybrid work environment where it is easy for staff to feel disconnected. It also gives departments and teams a framework to focus on. Having access to the bigger picture enables flexible, purpose driven work as employees can be innovative and determine the most efficient way to reach their goals.

It is important that companies foster an environment for employees to have autonomy, be creative and grow. Surveys show that 73 percent of people who use goal setting frameworks feel empowered to take risks. This sort of calculated risk leads to innovation which can pay off big-time.

Spanish Point Can Help You Enhance Employee Experience

For an improved organisational culture that empowers employees to think, collaborate and act as a team, Spanish Point can help your company adopt Viva Goals so that every employee is actively working to propel the business forward in an agile way. By utilising Viva Goals, employees can gain increased meaning and pride in their work, they will know exactly why they show up every day and understand the progress they are making one day at a time. These are all vital in enhancing the employee experience.