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Empower IT and Data Professionals to Achieve More with Their Data

by Spanish Point - Nov 29, 2021
Empower IT and Data Professionals to Achieve More with Their Data

By migrating to Azure Synapse Analytics, companies with legacy data warehouse systems can take advantage of the latest innovations in cloud technologies and delegate tasks such as infrastructure maintenance and platform upgrade to Azure.

Customers who have migrated to Azure Synapse are already reaping many of its benefits, including:


Azure Synapse Analytics offers the best-of-breed relational database performance by using techniques such as Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) and automatic in-memory caching. The results of this can be seen in independent benchmarks such as the one by GigaOm.


Data warehousing is process intensive. It involves data ingestion, transforming data, cleansing data, aggregating data, integrating data and producing data visualisation and reports. The many processes involved in moving data from original sources to a data warehouse are complex and interdependent. A single bottleneck can slow the entire pipeline and an unexpected spike in data volume amplifies the need for speed. When timeliness of data matters, Azure Synapse Analytics meets the demand for fast processing.

Improved security and compliance

Azure is a globally available, highly scalable, secure cloud platform. Azure Synapse Analytics, which resides inside the Azure ecosystem, inherits all of the aforementioned goodness.

Elasticity and cost efficiencies

In a data warehouse, the demands for workload processing can fluctuate. At times, these fluctuations can vary drastically between peaks and valleys. For example, sudden spikes in sales data volume can occur during the holiday seasons. Cloud elasticity allows Azure Synapse to quickly increase and decrease its capacity according to demands with no impact to infrastructure availability, stability, performance and security. Best of all, you only pay for your actual usage.

Managed infrastructure

Eliminating the overhead of data centre management and operations for the data warehouse allows companies to reallocate valuable resources to where value is produced and focus on using the data warehouse to deliver the best information and insight. This lowers overall total cost of ownership and allows for better cost control over your operating expenses.


The volume of data in a data warehouse typically grows as time passes and as history is collected. Azure Synapse Analytics can scale to match this growth by incrementally adding resources as data and workloads increase.

Cost savings

Running an on-premises legacy data centre is expensive (costs of servers and hardware, networking, physical room space, electricity, cooling and staffing). These expenses can be substantially minimised with Azure Synapse Analytics. Azure Synapse Analytics provides you with true pay-as-you-go cloud scalability without the need for complicated reconfiguration as your data or workloads grow.

Maximise skills

Bring all the existing skills across your business together to accomplish more with your data. With the deeply integrated Apache Spark and SQL engines in Azure Synapse, data professionals who prefer familiar SQL can seamlessly collaborate with those who prefer Spark – and vice versa.

For instance, those familiar or who prefer SQL can query Spark tables using the T-SQL language. And data engineers or data scientists who prefer languages such as Python, Scala, SparkSQL or C# can transform data, train models and create proofs of concept in the same service that houses data pipelines, data lakes and data warehouses.

Data lake to data warehouse

Manage, secure and analyse all types of data. Azure Synapse can query structured or semi-structured data with data warehousing resources, and also quickly execute a serverless query over unstructured data from your data lake. Enable your data professionals to build end-to-end analytics solutions without having to stitch a multitude of services together.

Take dissolving data silos to the next level with Azure Synapse Link – a cloud-native hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP) implementation now available in public preview. This technology removes the barriers between Azure database services and Azure Synapse – enabling customers to get insights from their live transactional data stored in their operational databases with a single click, without managing data movement or placing a burden on their operational systems.

Analytics in Azure is up to 380 per cent faster and costs up to 49 per cent less than other cloud service providers. Why go anywhere else? Check out our SMART Analytics solution today!