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Discover data that powers business insights

by Spanish Point - Apr 7, 2021
Discover data that powers business insights

Prioritizing data and analytics now are critical to building business agility and resilience for the future. Many organisations lack a holistic understanding of their data. It’s challenging to understand what data exists, where data is located, and how to find and access relevant data. Data lacks context such as lineage, classification, and comprehensive metadata, making it difficult for business users to search for the right data and use that data appropriately. As a result, only a small fraction of collected data is used to inform business decisions. Finally, identifying data security issues and protecting sensitive data is inconsistent. It requires ongoing time and effort, especially while maintaining data agility.

Azure Purview is a data governance solution that helps customers gain deep knowledge of all their data while maintaining control over its use. With Azure Purview, organisations discover and curate data, gain insights into their data estate, and centrally govern access to data.

Discover Data That Powers Business Insights

What are the main features?

  • Establish the foundation for effective data usage and governance with Purview Data Map.
  • Unified map of your data assets and their relationships for more effective governance.
  • Use semantic search to enable data discovery using business or technical terms.
  • Get insights into the location and movement of sensitive data across your hybrid data landscape.

Azure Purview builds on the same sensitivity labels and data classification taxonomy in Microsoft Information Protection. By blending Azure Purview with Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI, your team will gain a holistic understanding of your data and maximize that data’s business value. With this combination of better data discoverability, analysis, and visualization, your company can make better decisions. With Azure Purview position yourself to find new business opportunities, and surface data that was difficult to find previously.

Integrating hybrid data sources, reducing manual tasks, automating scanning and classification, and simplifying compliance means that your employees can put their efforts toward achieving the company’s mission. With Azure Purview, accelerate your ability to track and interpret a wide range of data, and create solutions at scale.

Get up and running with Azure Purview with help from Spanish Point. Recognised as DevOps Partner of the year for 2020, within our Azure Data Analytics Practice, we have expert engineers that can guide you and your team to ensure you’re on the right path of your data governance journey.