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ISVs deliver benefits to their customers through their Azure applications – regardless of their location

by Spanish Point - Apr 8, 2020
ISVs deliver benefits to their customers through their Azure applications – regardless of their location

With the current transition to remote working, many businesses are facing new challenges. However, through the flexibility and security of the cloud, ISVs can continue to support their customers with SaaS applications.

Over the course of a few weeks, millions of workers became remote workers. In the US, research from the beginning of March shared that 46% of businesses have implemented work from home initiatives since February (Willis Towers Watson research, 2020) and Microsoft’s Teams platform has seen a total of over 900 million meeting and calling minutes a day generated by 44 million daily users over the space of a single week (Forbes, 2020). Cloud services and solutions are now paramount to the global economy and ISVs have a valuable part to play for their customers as they undergo this digital transformation.

ISVs who have migrated to the cloud can continue to support their clients across multiple industries. As organisations all over the world transition to a remote working model, cloud services and solutions are enabling them to collaborate and be successful. Without cloud technology, this sudden and unplanned shift to remote working could not happen. As shared by insight firm GlobalData, “it is clear how important the cloud is for continuity of operations”.

Microsoft has championed the ability to work from anywhere for many years. However, due to this global workplace transformation, Microsoft reported a massive increase in the usage of Azure solutions and cloud services. In their recent Azure update, Microsoft shared that they are managing and monitoring Azure services. Increased capacity and support request monitoring is helping optimize cloud capacity as millions of people use SaaS solutions.

Beyond the ability to work from anywhere in the world, ISV applications are supporting their clients in many ways.

Your customer’s data is secure – Security at scale

With work teams dispersed across different locations, using personal internet connections, and often their own devices, data security is important. Discussing privacy, Senior Director of Microsoft Azure, Pradeep Nair shared that with Azure “privacy is not an afterthought, it is by design” (Protecting privacy in Microsoft Azure: GDPR, Azure Policy updates, 2018). Applications built in Azure are highly secure and robust. Your customers can access and use your applications with confidence as their teams collaborate remotely.

Eliminate customer’s own downtime

The digitization of their office settingcame suddenly for many businesses. Despite this, they could eliminate any unscheduled downtime and keep business as usual through their cloud applications. ISVs who operate a SaaS model could continue to support their clients as they transition, helping them to keep their businesses operating as they implement new ways of working.

Remote workers can access applications on home devices, no VPN bottlenecks

In many cases, remote workers are using their own devices for working such as mobile phones and personal laptops. The flexibility of cloud applications allows them to do this at scale. ISV SaaS applications are unlimited and can be accessed by many remote workers without systems being overwhelmed or losing performance.

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Users continue to collaborate and engage

One of the main issues that businesses currently face is the lack of physical collaboration between their teams. ISVs who operate a SaaS model allow their clients to collaborate on their platforms. For example, different users can log in to access the same information or tools at the same time, as if they were physically together.

Both Microsoft and cloud partners such as Spanish Point Technologies are working to ensure that ISVs’ applications continue to work effectively. This will allow ISVs to continue providing value to their users as they work from home. The Microsoft Azure team shared in a recent update that they are continuing to monitor cloud capacity and will also share updates through Service Health Events.

In addition to this, Spanish Point Technologies provides ISVs with access to Microsoft Premier Support, with 24/7 prioritised access to Microsoft’s technical support services. If you are an ISV who wants to migrate to the cloud please contact our ISV migration team for a free consultation.