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Microsoft Cost Management Updates

by Spanish Point - Aug 22, 2023
Microsoft Cost Management Updates

Whether you’re embarking on a scholarly journey, steering the ship of a bustling startup, or helming the ship of a corporate giant, one constant prevails—financial considerations. The need to understand your expenditures, their destinations, and to chart a course for the future is universal. In a world where unexpected expenses are unwelcome, Microsoft Cost Management emerges as the ultimate solution.

Here are a few of the latest improvements and updates

Reservation utilization alerts

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud management, organizations are constantly seeking ways to amplify their cloud spend optimization and amplify returns on their investments. To address this, we’re thrilled to introduce a game-changing feature: reservation utilization alerts. While the ability to track reservation utilization percentages has long been a part of your cost management toolkit, our latest enhancement takes it a step further. Now, not only can you visualize these percentages, but you’ll also receive email notifications whenever your selected reservations fall below your set utilization threshold—a strategic move to ensure your investments are always on track. Setting up is a breeze: navigate to your cost alerts and create an alert rule categorized as ‘reservation utilization’. Familiar with configuring alerts for subscription anomalies? The beauty of reservation utilization alerts lies in their adaptability, as they can be set up at different scopes, including Billing account (EA), Billing profile (MCA), and Customer (MPA) levels. For more in-depth insights, our Reservation Utilization Alerts—preview documentation has you covered.

Cost Management Labs

Discover Cost Management Labs for an exclusive sneak peek into upcoming Microsoft Cost Management features. Engage directly with us to provide feedback, shaping optimized experiences. Notable features in Labs include default-enabled anomaly and reservation utilization alert rules, enhanced Cost analysis smart views with simplified drill-down, streamlined Cost Management menu sections, consolidated cost analysis menu items, a Recommendations view, cost forecasting, grouped resources, interactive cost charts, and direct cost access from resource overviews. Optimize your Azure resource usage with advanced insights and seamless navigation through these Labs offerings.

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