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Enabling Zero Trust for ISVs with Privileged Identity Management

by Spanish Point - Jul 15, 2021
Enabling Zero Trust for ISVs with Privileged Identity Management

It is estimated there are 720 million hack attempts every 24 hours worldwide. Various recent ransomware incidents have highlighted the interconnectedness of our digital world and the critical need to secure these digital assets from attackers, criminals, and other hostile third parties. To achieve this, ISVs need Zero Trust security and least privilege access for users and resources. This becomes even more important in the context of a ISVs who may require continuous access to a customer’s environment to provide services.

As ISVs migrate to the cloud and engage service providers (internal or external) to manage Azure Infrastructure to run business and mission-critical workloads, it is imperative that we continue to secure cloud and hybrid footprints. Spanish Point have been working closely with Azure and Microsoft to keep up to date with the latest Microsoft guidance to ensure security. We recommend tried and tested secure reference architectures for the Azure environment required to run your apps.

Microsoft has invested deeply in Azure Lighthouse. Azure Lighthouse makes it easier for service providers to automate their management of customer infrastructure. At the same time, it provides fine-grained access control that places the ISV customer in charge of which resources are available to who. With Azure Lighthouse, customers can be confident that their exposure to security risks from integrating with partners is appropriately limited.

Of course, these new security capabilities are only a part of our journey to make it easier for ISVs to deliver reliable, secure, and automated services to Azure customers. The Azure Lighthouse team is hard at work on Azure Advisor recommendations to leverage Azure Lighthouse for cloud solutions provider subscriptions.

The Azure platform is designed to reduce your security and operations management burden for building, maintaining, and securing your Cloud assets.

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