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How can you build a Modern SharePoint Intranet?

by Spanish Point - Jun 20, 2022
How can you build a Modern SharePoint Intranet?

These days, there’s an abundance of discussions about best practices to modernize your intranet – designing an intranet the new way, in the “modern” way, in the intelligent way – and so on. There aren’t many discussions about what modern means as a concept, how modern thinking relates to technology, and how to apply modern principals to your organisation’s intranet.

In this blog, learn how to leverage SharePoint to meet your organisation’s needs through integrating modern concepts into the design of your intranet, portals, and sites.

What does intelligent mean?

In the modern world, the intranet should be the center of your workplace. An intelligent SharePoint intranet is engaging, informative, personalized, and integrated with the other portals and sites in your intranet as well as other Microsoft 365 apps like Microsoft Teams and Yammer. Modern intranets take many shapes and sizes depending on the ever-evolving needs of the business.

Hallmarks of what constitutes an intelligent intranet:

  • Rapid deployment: Adaptable designs can be built using out of the box pages and web parts and no longer solely depends on IT to deploy.
  • Built with the UX in mind: Accessible design principals are built into the modern experience enabling viewers to securely access the intranet on any device.
  • Personalized experience: Features like audience targeting, news, the Highlighted Content web part, and the My Feed web part make it easy to dynamically display personalized content.
  • Software as a service: Updates are automatic, ensuring you are using the latest technology.

Why invest in the modern approach?

Investing in the modern approach looks different depending on the condition of your current intranet but no matter the path it will require strategic planning and a team to implement changes. By spending resources modernizing your intranet now, you will enable your organisation to move faster and more efficiently than before.

What makes modernizing your intranet worth the effort:

  • Move at the speed of your business: Display content dynamically using flexible designs that scale as your business grows.
  • Meet employees where they are: Target relevant content to specific viewers on any device.
  • Reduce the cost of technical resources: Security, permissions, sharing, and other governance components can be centrally managed across Microsoft 365 apps.
  • Improves the likelihood of intranet success: Viewers are more likely to use the intranet when content is relevant, easy to navigate, and mobile.

Moving in the modern direction

Understand that your intranet is an ever-evolving component of your business that will need to grow and scale alongside your organisation. Focus on incorporating modern changes that will have the greatest impact to your business first. Plan and schedule when changes will be incorporated and how you will track progress. Use site analytics to understand user behavior and collect feedback from users along the way.

Signals your intranet is moving in the modern direction:

  • It’s where you start your workday
  • It’s always with you
  • Promotes collaboration
  • It makes your job easier
  • Everything is in one place

Signals your organisation can benefit from modern:

  • Currently sharing documents in shared folders on a server
  • It’s difficult to be productive on-the-go
  • Your business is growing faster than you can keep up with
  • Unmanageable volume of emails
  • Your organization has offices in multiple locations

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