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Why keeping Software up-to-date is Important for your Business

by Spanish Point - Sep 20, 2022
Why keeping Software up-to-date is Important for your Business

Having your software up-to-date has major benefits to productivity, safety and efficiency regardless of the industry. One of the challenges of a traditional security update is ensuring all stakeholders apply the protections promptly.

With technology improving and the volume of data increasing every year, legacy software sometimes can’t keep up, resulting in efficiency problems and dissatisfied staff.

Spanish Point recommends that customers make sure their systems are as up-to-date and current as possible. If you have not yet this in place, contact us now and find out how we can help!

Here are three reasons why you should consider a Cloud- Service Security Update:

  1. Address vulnerability for all: When we address a vulnerability in the cloud, it is fixed for every user at once. In the cloud, as soon as an update is ready and tested, it is released into your service and typically, there is no additional action needed.
  2. Real-time updates: In the cloud, you can work in real-time. Cloud services are continually updated to harden against attacks, sometimes these are minor changes, while others address whole classes of potential issues—fixing an underlying issue that may impact a range of potential scenarios.
  3. Microsoft’s Security Experts: More than 8,500 global Microsoft security experts work around the clock to monitor, harden, patch, and protect Azure and the entire cloud platform. Microsoft is not immune to attempts by threat actors and in recent years cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and extensive. To respond to this threat, Microsoft’s Cyber Defense Operations Center (CDOC) brings together security experts from across the company to collaborate in real-time, detecting and mitigating issues before they impact our customers. 

“Your tech infrastructure and security systems are like an ‘immune system’. Even if there is no update for a disclosed zero-day, keeping your systems current helps keep the entire system strong.”

Aanchal Gupta, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Security Response Center

Sharing information through Microsoft’s Security Update Guide (SUG) is an important part of our ongoing effort to help customers manage security risks and keep systems protected.

Microsoft scheduled the release of security updates on “Update Tuesday,” the second Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM PST (Pacific Standard Time). We recommend that IT pros plan their deployment schedules accordingly and that users install the latest updates.

For Microsoft 365 Defender, customers can navigate in the Defender portal to the Threat and Vulnerability Management feature found under the security recommendations page. This feature shows customers the vulnerable devices in their environments and surfaces content that is also exposed in the Microsoft Security Update Guide.

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