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Unified Data Governance to Maximize the Business Value of Data

by Spanish Point - Apr 7, 2021
Unified Data Governance to Maximize the Business Value of Data

Businesses are increasingly leveraging data as a strategic asset, which makes data services critical. Data needs to not only be stored and managed, but also discovered and analysed at ever-growing volumes.  This requires a computing platform that provides limitless scale, performance, and possibilities for what can be achieved with data. Azure Purview is a unified data governance service.  It allows Azure customers understand exactly what data they have, manage its compliance with privacy regulations, and derive insights. Purview aims to maximize the compliant use of a company’s own data by understanding it, how it moves, and who it is shared with.

What does Azure Purview do?

Purview is used to map data from different and disparate data sources, categorize and mark data using pre-built or custom classification rules, and produce actionable data insights.

  • Data Mapping: Purview scans all data points through the entire data estate to create a single data map. Users can also see where data comes from and how it transforms at the asset and granular object-level on supported data sources. Using Apache Atlas APIs, Azure Purview can conveniently integrate with any third-party data system.
  • Data Cataloguing: Presenting the discovered data so users understand relevant information is available and where each set is stored. Purview allows searching for and tagging data sets containing specific technical or business terms, with the system automatically determining the data’s sensitivity level by examining columns for certain keywords. 
  • Data Insights: The data catalog provides insights into the location, movement, and transformation of data in a multi-faceted or hybrid data environment.

Purview assists in the management and governance of data from a range of sources, helping you to map and visualize the data environment in real time. Purview connects various data sources and data storage in a centralized way and provides a bird’s-eye view of the entire corporate data ecosystem by finding, mapping, and categorizing data.

Azure Purview brings into focus the need to have a centralized data governance system and delivers on virtually consolidating data sources onto a single pane of glass. It is not entirely possible to have just one data repository in the real world due to the complexities of dealing with variable data sets, formats, sources, and sensitivity levels. Purview is a much needed and welcome data management solution for organisations using multi-cloud infrastructures, SaaS applications, on-premises datacenters, and Azure data storage services.

Data is the most valuable company asset nowadays. However, it’s worth is determined by how quickly you can uncover and apply data insights. The more evidence you collect, the more precise conclusions you will make. However, as the volume of data increases, so does the complexity of processing it. This is the analytic paradox. Purview enables you to derive more information from more data by combining sources together.

Your data holds so much potential and Azure Purview can help your organisation unify, manage, govern, and gain insights on all your data to improve business performance. Get technical assistance, advice, and support to invent and deliver solutions that help your organisation grow, with the help from Spanish Point. We have expert engineers that can guide you and your team to ensure you’re on the right path to your data governance journey. 

If you want to find out more about Azure Purview, download our gated asset.