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Maximising Efficiency: The Benefits of Automated Testing for ISVs

by Spanish Point - Feb 2, 2023
Maximising Efficiency: The Benefits of Automated Testing for ISVs

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) continuously strive to create the perfect offering by ensuring their application is thoroughly tested so there are minimal errors and consistent quality of the product; yet, despite even the most rigorous manual testing processes, defects can still slip through. Unfortunately, this kind of manual testing is slow and tedious work, so there are bound to be some slips in accuracy. Test Automation software can help ISVs increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and coverage of their software testing. Automated testing allows you to quickly test vast amounts of data and makes it easier to detect problems earlier in the development process – saving you time and money and providing increased quality control.

What is Automation Testing?

Automation Testing offers Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) a way to streamline their testing processes and deliver a quality product. With the use of Test Automation Software, software testing and quality assurance can be efficiently performed in less time than it would take using traditional manual testing methods. This type of software testing utilises specialised automated tools to run a set of test cases, input different types of data, compare expected results with actual outputs, and provide detailed and thorough reports on the findings of the tests.

What are the Benefits of Automation Testing?

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are making full use of automation testing software to verify the accuracy and reliability of their programs more quickly than ever before.

Automation Testing saves time and money

Test automation software helps save both time and resources during the development cycle – allowing you to focus on improving and building innovative features as opposed to spending time and money running repetitive manual tests. Automated tests can also be reused across different projects and are great for quickly identifying areas that need improvement. With the help of automation, developers can ensure that their products are tested thoroughly, eliminating any defects before releasing them into the hands of users.

ISVs often struggle when faced with software quality assurance and testing. This is due to reduced time and budget constraints. Automation testing can help in such scenarios – it enables ISVs to conduct tests quickly and efficiently by eliminating manual steps. With test automation software, ISVs can vastly increase their test coverage as well as the depth of their tests to identify any issues with their product early on. Furthermore, automated software testing is able to look into an application’s core elements, such as memory contents, data tables and file contents which helps ascertain its expected behaviour. By using automation testing, Independent Software Vendors can truly cover more ground in a timelier fashion – enabling them to deliver higher-quality products swiftly and consistently.

Automation Testing vastly increases test coverage

Automation testing extends and increases test coverage, connecting tests together so that hundreds or thousands of combinations can be performed. With expansive automated tests, ISVs can test products quickly and accurately. 

Performing tests manually is often time-consuming, expensive, and prone to human error. Automated testing provides a compelling alternative as it can run unattended and execute thousands of different complex test cases every test run, providing greater coverage than manual tests alone. Such capabilities empower ISVs with a greater insight into memory contents, data tables, file contents, and internal program states, allowing them to assess whether the product is meeting expectations.

Automation Testing Improves Accuracy

Manual testing can be quite tedious, and even the most diligent tester may make mistakes along the way. Unlike manual testing, test automation software offers far greater accuracy and precision because the same tests can be repeated exactly the same way every single time without any human mistakes or errors clouding the results.

On top of this, by freeing up testers from having to carry out repetitive manual tasks, there is more time for them to create new automated tests and engage with complex features. Allowing test automation software to take over mundane testing procedures yields better accuracy and efficiency in the long run.

Automation Does What Manual Testing Cannot

Automation testing can simulate an immense number of virtual users interacting with a network, software, and web applications in ways manual testing just cannot. Through specialised test automation software, ISVs can quickly identify any potential issues when large numbers of users connect to a single application simultaneously – something manual testing cannot accomplish. Automation helps ensure maintenance and deployment run smoothly and allows for quick adjustments so customers have a more enjoyable experience on the platform.

Automation Testing Can Improve QA and Dev Team Morale

Improved team morale is hard to measure, but many ISV leaders report that they can feel it: their teams are more engaged and motivated with test automation software. Automation targeting repetitive tasks frees up these critical members of their organisation to focus on more significant, more rewarding projects, allowing them to develop their skillsets, grow confidence and share these gained resources back into the company. With automated software testing, workers can reach new heights in terms of individual development and contribute greater value to their organisations.

Introducing Azure Load Testing

Azure Load Testing is an ideal solution that provides fully managed automation testing services to help ISVs achieve their goals without needing to manage complex infrastructure. This Azure service enables developers and testers to generate high-scale loads with custom Apache JMeter scripts and gain actionable insights into performance bottlenecks at scale. Microsoft has incorporated many wonderous features, such as Azure-specific integrations and powerful insights, which allow testers to efficiently identify and fix issues with their applications as well as optimise their performance at scale.

With Azure Load Testing, ISVs gain insight into how an application behaves under stress. Through automation testing in the Azure portal, ISVs can easily monitor live updates for both server-side and client-side metrics while their tests are running. 

Furthermore, with integration features like Azure Monitor, Application Insights and Container Insights, ISVs can capture details on various types of database reads, HTTP responses and container resource consumption. Azure Load Testing’s dashboard feature displays all data on a single page where stress-testing results can be compared over large periods. Microsoft’s Azure Load Testing gives Independent Software Vendors the accuracy they need to ensure their applications run optimally in a high-stress environment.

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Spanish Point introduces an automated testing platform that allows an ISV to test its software every single time they deploy something new. The Spanish Point platform is not just a one-time solution but can be used as a reliable and robust testing resource in the future. This forward-looking framework offers peace of mind and confidence to ISVs that Spanish Point will continue to support them now and in the future as they maintain and refine their products.

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