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Increase End-To-End Sales Productivity with an all-in-one CRM

- Mar 14, 2022
Increase End-To-End Sales Productivity with an all-in-one CRM

There has never been a time in history when CRM systems have been so technologically advanced, customizable and user friendly. However, despite this, it is not uncommon to see businesses using multiple different CRM systems at once to achieve a common goal. Not only can this effect closing leads and customer data organization, but it can also lead to sales productivity being negatively affected and valuable leads being lost, simply due to poor CRM system management and human error.

This blog will outline how using Dynamics 365 and Activate Digital Selling can increase end-to-end sales productivity and how this can be advantageous to your business. Check out our top 3 tips below: 

Lead & Opportunity Management

Instead of spending the first hour, or potentially more, of your day deciding what task to perform first, or which customer is to be contacted first, Dynamics 365 lets you demystify this common ordeal with the new worklist using sales accelerator. This automatically organizes and prioritizes your tasks across leads and opportunities.  

Opening your worklist will allow you to see a consolidated list of all your customers which have been prioritized by Artificial Intelligence built into the software. Instead of searching aimlessly to find what customer/task to engage with, you can focus on engaging with customers the right way, with the right message at the right time. This concise and compact form of customer data storage will help you find your priorities, saving you time and helping you increase end-to-end productivity.  

Lead Lifecycle Process Line
Lead Lifecycle Process Line

Getting the right insights for your sales team 

Using AI, each customer in your CRM system will also be given a ‘leads score’, generated from key indicators that are updated in real-time. This will allow you to decipher the most valuable potential customers you have. If you have sent an email to your customers, Dynamics will also update you as to if they have read the email or left it unopened, thus queuing you as to if it would be appropriate to follow up/not follow up and allow you to convey a more professional and friendly attitude. Once you are well informed about the customer and are ready to make contact, you can initiate a call will them using the dialer experience built into Dynamics 365. This prevents the need for third-party calling applications, of which there are so many. Once the call is complete, detailed/quick notes can be taken about the call can be taken on Dynamics (which are also recorded in the Dynamics customer timeline, helping you keep track of your history with your customers). After all of this is complete, you can seamlessly move on to the next customer in your worklist. These highly convenient features in Dynamics 365 allow seamless, end-to-end customer sales communication to take place, preventing human error and discrepancies.  

Customer Insights
Customer Insights

Boost Sales Productivity with Email Templates 

As salespeople will know, emails can take up a significant amount of time during work hours, trying to decide the correct wording, what to say, checking spelling and grammar and making sure the correct links are attached etc. Dynamics 365, however, can solve this time-wasting problem. By the click of one button, the required email will be auto-populated for you, allowing the right email template to be ready for each individual customer, helping sales productivity by lowering the amount of time wasted on trying to get the perfect email done for each customer.  

With Dynamics 365 and Activate Digital Selling, you can spend more time talking to customers and less time searching for information between multiple different systems at once. If you think Activate Digital Selling might be able to help you and you want to start your journey with it, there is no better way than starting with one of Spanish Point Technologies’ Dynamics 365 Bootcamps. Our consultants will help you gain a deeper and more detailed understanding of the platform and show you how you can best leverage Dynamics 365 to help your business increase end-to-end sales productivity and so much more.

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