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Is Hybrid Working the New Normal? Why and How You Should Transform Your Business Model Today.

by Spanish Point - Jul 11, 2022
Is Hybrid Working the New Normal? Why and How You Should Transform Your Business Model Today.

Following the pandemic, which saw millions of employees around the world having to do their jobs in the comforts and safety of their own homes, many businesses have made the decision, post pandemic, not to force staff to return to offices full time. Companies who made the mistake of doing so, saw a spike in employee turnover, as workers migrated to organisations that adopted a remote or hybrid work model.

Some companies have adopted set days where staff are encouraged to come in, others have left things to the discretion of the individual employee. One thing is for sure, working from home is here to stay. It seems the pandemic has undeniably changed the nature of the quintessential workplace.

The hybrid work model, which sees employees coming into the office for only a fraction of the work week, has been found to be the most ideal compromise.

Benefits of the Hybrid Workplace

  • Increased Employee Satisfaction and Heightened Productivity – The hybrid work model provides employees with the flexibility to do work how they prefer and gives them the chance to find out which type of working suits them best, this in turn has an effect on productivity as staff are working at their optimal. Some people prefer to work at home while others thrive in the office. By enabling choice, staff will feel empowered leading to an increase in employee satisfaction and contentment.
  • Reduced Costs for Both Employers and Employees – Hybrid working will automatically see to a reduction in employee expenditure, as they no longer have to go into the office five days a week. Their transport costs will undoubtedly decrease, a welcome benefit given the current cost of fuel. The time saved from no longer having to commute, is also a plus. Employers, on the other hand, will find that they no longer need to rent such large buildings to accommodate every single employee, as fewer staff will be coming into the office at once. This gives businesses the ability to downsize on real estate while retaining the same number of staff and even growing in head count without the cost of extra space.
  • Positive Impact on The Environment – The reduction in travel from employees will cause a decline in the carbon footprint of any business. Less workers on the roads every morning, means less pollution and less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. The positive environmental implication of this movement is huge and cannot be overemphasized.

How To Effectively Turn Your Organisation Into A Hybrid Workplace

Spanish Point’s Remote Working Solution – Using Microsoft Teams and Azure Virtual Desktop, we can develop a remote working system specifically for your organisation to promote collaboration and keep staff connected with ease. Chat instantly, share files readily and host meetings and calls across borders efficiently, all while keeping your data protected and prioritising the security of your business.

Book A Desk App – This app was designed to solve the problem of space or lack thereof in a hybrid work environment. Organisations who would like to scale down, but still give employees that want to come into the office the flexibility to do so, this is the app for you. On the Book A Desk App, you can recreate your office layout so staff will be able to log on and select a workstation for the day in question, ensuring that there will always be a place for whoever wants it. This will allow employees to plan ahead and easily divide their time when working in the office and from home.

Parking App – Similar to our book a desk app, the parking app helps employees or guests find a parking space conveniently, automating the parking slot allocation system. Drivers know, there is nothing worse than spending hours driving around a full parking lot searching for an empty space, waiting for someone to drive off and hoping to get lucky. Simulate the floorplan of your parking area so that staff and guests can see available slots in real time. With the parking app, a space is guaranteed for you, saving your employees and guests time, alleviating any stress and ensuring a pleasant experience on your premises.

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