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How A Modern Data Estate Supports Your Journey to AI

by Spanish Point - Sep 5, 2019
How A Modern Data Estate Supports Your Journey to AI

Data has become one of the most strategic assets a company can have. As a foundation for all advanced analytics and machine learning, advances in data sciences and AI are unlocking profound insights and driving business transformation.

AI is an abstract technology, a set of cognitive abilities built into software or machines. For example, with steady input from customer interactions, AI systems learn from data and build on records to improve the quality of answers to business questions. The insights gathered by the AI solutions provide a rich context for building on past successes, improving products, and showing when a change in direction can optimize profit.

Market Opportunity

According to an IDC report says the worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025, with as much of the data residing in the cloud as in data centers. Companies that embrace data estate modernization with cloud, data and AI can nearly double their operating margin.

Data Analytics at scale in the cloud

The cloud allows you to transform your analytics and AI through faster performance, reduced time to value, and intelligence that can redefine customer interactions. With cloud-first innovation, you get a superset of business intelligence and analytics features that work across your entire Data Estate.

Data Estate Modernisation

Read the tips below on how to transform your business with modern data estate and AI.

The importance of Data

Data is at the core of modern applications. There are two main factors that help organizations extract the most from their data:

  • The adoption of cloud technologies
  • The ability to reason through any data with artificial intelligence (AI)

Tools like the Azure Database Migration Service or Azure SQL Database Managed Instance (depending on your amount of databases) empowers organisations to seamlessly migrate from a wide-range of data sources to Azure with near-zero application downtime.

Make cost-effective choices

Customers with an extensive database and data warehouse workload ​can choose from one or more options to modernise their data estate. It is important to find the optimum combination of features that can best accommodate your company.

Monitor for software life cycles

There are three main problems if you are using out-of-date databases and infrastructure solutions:

  1. You’re missing out on game changing cost benefits
  2. Your business is more vulnerable to attacks and loss of data due to lack of access to critical security updates.
  3. You can fall behind on modern analytics capabilities

Keep a close eye on your software ecosystem and identify gaps before major issues.

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