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Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Efforts with Dynamics 365

by Spanish Point - Mar 5, 2018
Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Efforts with Dynamics 365

Issues Facing Marketing and Sales Alignment

The purchase decisions of consumers and businesses has changed in recent times. In response, so has today’s sales and marketing landscape. There is more information and more choices in this always on and connected environment. With more information being accessible, consumers are trying to drown out the noise at all the business’ shouting to buy their specific product or service. Buyers are more informed, independent, savvy, and highly influential. While being aware of these changes in the market, it is often difficult for businesses to know what to do to align their Sales and Marketing. Customers research their purchasing decisions online. That puts marketers in a more prominent role in the buying process, and makes sales and marketing alignment more critical than ever.

With all the campaigns, technologies and funnels, ultimately if a business is not listening to customers’ needs, they are losing the top-line of business growth. Customers expect you to be the provider of their needs, in order to be considered in their consumer decision. Unfortunately, the decision can be negative choice for your business due to the disconnected efforts of Sales and Marketing. From countless emails and calls from sales to irrelevant targeted banner ads and social media posts, businesses fall into the business-obsessed approach rather than the customer-obsessed approach. At the end of the day, customers are the one investing into your business. Which is why it is so important to out the customer as your prime focus. According to Microsoft’s eBook on “Five Daunting Sales and Marketing Gaps”: “Customer-obsessed B2B firms are 2X more likely to report revenue growth of 10% or more in the last fiscal year“.

The lesson here is that each function should not be a operate as different businesses. Unfortunately, this happens to be the case from small to large multinationals. Marketing and Sales efforts often do not cross over, resulting in loss leads and thus, loss profits. Using a unified view of your customers, you can now understand all the interactions they have had with you. Ultimately, both departments have a shared goal for the overall business.

Benefits of Connecting Sales and Marketing

Connecting the dots between your sales and marketing teams will drive your business forward. The efforts of marketing can lead to shorter sales lead cycles, saving time spent trying to close a deal. Your business desires a platform where every member can see the efforts and campaigns made for each specific customer. This is the future of lead nurturing, this is Dynamics 365 CRM.

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It is estimated that companies that eliminate this gap generate an average of $100 million more in additional operating income each year. 

How much could that additional 100 million do for your company? 

In a nutshell, what can Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM do for your company?

  • Create a unified view of your customers across their unique journey and deliver personalized customer experiences across all touch-points and channels.
  • Unify sales and marketing, bring them back to the basics of shared goals, provide them with the applicable insights so they can work together more effectively.
  • Connect your content, data, and processes, and unlock the intelligence in your data so you can make better, faster decisions.

Marketing And Sales Better Together

Driving business forward through better alignment of sales and marketing is a major challenge but creates strong opportunities from growth, as we can see from the statistics discussed above. The secret recipe to a better alignment is to close the sales and marketing loop by providing sales with information that originates in marketing and that’s relevant for Sales to advance the sales process. We do this by creating leads and creating campaigns with the power of Dynamics 365 CRM . Resulting in closing the loop on sales data and marketing behaviors. Understand how to create this single funnel with our Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management Training Bootcamp.

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