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Unlocking Innovation: Developing ISV Apps with Microsoft Fabric’s Open Platform

by Spanish Point - May 9, 2024
Unlocking Innovation: Developing ISV Apps with Microsoft Fabric’s Open Platform

The challenge for independent software vendors (ISVs) and enterprise data providers (EDPs) in the rapidly changing digital landscape is connecting with platforms that can maximise their potential and offer flexibility, scalability, innovation, and growth. Microsoft Fabric combines the best of Microsoft Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, and Azure Data Factory to create a single, unified software as a service (SaaS) platform with seven core workloads. By creating a a single platform equipped with tools catering to every data professional, Microsoft Fabric endeavors to streamline the experience and architecture, while reducing the the typical cost and effort of integrating analytics services and help simplify your data estate.

Three reasons to integrate with Microsoft Fabric

Unparalleled Platform Capabilities

Central to Microsoft Fabric lies an open platform, characterised by open formats, interfaces, and APIs. Additionally, in the future, Microsoft aims to introduce open platform integration Software Development Kits (SDKs), cementing their commitment to openness and accessibility. For ISVs, this translates to the effortless integration of their applications into a wider ecosystem. Microsoft Fabric’s open architecture is bolstered by a comprehensive set of APIs, facilitating secure access to all customer data seamlessly. This accessibility, often challenging for ISVs to attain, empowers them to navigate and leverage data more effectively.

Reach, Scalability, and Growth

With Microsoft Fabric, ISVs will gain access to hundreds of thousands of organisations. By integrating with this platform, ISVs will undoubtedly gain a competitive edge, expanding their market reach significantly. Built as a horizontal platform, Microsoft Fabric ensures extensive reach and discoverability across diverse sectors, effortlessly spanning from niche markets to broader audiences. While scalability remains a key benefit, security is not compromised. Microsoft Fabric offers robust governance and security measures, enabling your user base to expand while maintaining a secure environment.

A Collaborative Ecosystem

Beyond its technological features, Microsoft Fabric flourishes as a community. It’s not just a platform but a collaborative ecosystem. ISVs who become part of the Fabric community find themselves submerged in a diverse network of innovators, developers, and technology enthusiasts. Within this interconnected environment, knowledge exchange thrives, potential partnerships blossom, and ISVs find a constant sounding board for their innovations.

The Paths to Integrating with Microsoft Fabric

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Inter-operate with Fabric

This presents a straightforward method to harness the potential of the data stored by Fabric customers in OneLake. By integrating your application to interact with OneLake within Fabric, utilising readily available APIs and SDKs, ISVs ensure a seamless experience for both existing and new customers when using ISV applications with the Fabric ecosystem.

Develop Apps on Fabric

Organisations and application providers have the opportunity to incorporate Fabric into their solution offerings, enabling swift application development and deployment. Leveraging Fabric’s platform security, identity management, storage, and computing capabilities streamlines the process.

Build a Fabric Workload

ISVs have the ability to maintain a consistent user interface within Fabric and enhance the discoverability of their applications by extending Fabric’s capabilities through the development of a Fabric workload.

Microsoft Fabric emerges as a transformative force in the tech landscape, offering a gateway to endless opportunities. At Spanish Point Technologies, we stand ready to guide ISVs at every step of their journey into the Fabric ecosystem. Leveraging our dedicated team of experts and deep understanding of Microsoft technologies, we can help ISVs seamlessly integrate with Fabric, ensuring a smooth transition and unlocking the full potential of this dynamic platform. Contact us today to begin your Fabric journey with Spanish Point Technologies.